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Romantic Notion Fashion Doll Outfit

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Fireflies dance in a moonlit grove as a sense of magical potential hangs in the air. A vision of grace and beauty glides into the storybook scene with a dreamy look in her eye and a touch of longing in her heart. This will be her “happily ever after” moment.

Atomic Misfit and industry legend Robert Tonner present the Romantic Notion Fashion Doll Outfit, an elegant fashion outfit styled for a 16” fashion doll, inspired by the sophistication of fantasy aesthetics.

This enchanting beauty is sure to turn heads at any high-society gala, leaving lords and ladies all hoping to catch another glimpse of her ethereal ensemble. All eyes are on Moiré as she charms the crowds and grabs the attention of a noble gentleman eager to make her acquaintance. The hand-tailored Romantic Notion Fashion Doll Outfit, as envisioned by Tonner himself, includes a cream long-sleeved gown with floral and embroidered accents in the skirt. The neckline of this incredible fantasy dress features a pearl-like necklace and additional bead detailing, and a tall pair of white lace boots complete the fanciful look. No fairy godmothers to be found here — just a remarkable eye for fantasy fashion.

Pair the Romantic Notion Fashion Doll Outfit with the Model Behavior Fashion Doll from Atomic Misfit and Robert Tonner, sold separately, to create a gorgeous gala-worthy wardrobe fit for fantasy royalty.

Make a wish and let your dreams take flight! The Romantic Notion Fashion Doll Outfit by Atomic Misfit and Robert Tonner is your portal into the captivating world of fantastical couture.

Additional Details

Item shown is a prototype. When shipped, the final production piece may differ in appearance.

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