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Dragon Slayer: Warrior Forged in Flame

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Swap-out Helmeted Portrait

“Everything I am, everything I do, is because of the dragons that plague this land.”

Sideshow presents the Dragon Slayer: Warrior Forged in Flame Statue, an original fantasy character who will become a living legend in your collection.

The Dragon Slayer: Warrior Forged in Flame Statue measures 18.75” tall, standing atop the desiccated remains of a slain red dragon. Murky corruption drips from its skull, relinquishing its hold on the dreaded beast, which has been partially stripped of its scales and horns to reinforce the hero’s incredible armor. Victorious this day, the Dragon Slayer surveys the battlefield in search of more fiends to subdue.

The polyresin Dragon Slayer Statue is fully sculpted with intricate detail from head to toe, bringing fantastical action to every aspect of this original figure. In the fight against dragons, this warrior woman has armed herself with protective aspects harvested from her fallen foes- black and gold horn armor, scaled vestments, and a red dragonskin cape guard her from the flames and claws of these brutal beasts. Once in striking range, it is up to her serrated hunting knife and legendary greatsword, both freshly stained with dragon blood, to finish the deadly job. The Dragon Slayer’s battle-hardened look is completed with fierce blonde braids and a stripe of smoky makeup across her eyes, her gaze stern as she faces down the most frightening creatures ever beheld by humanity.

The Exclusive Edition of the Dragon Slayer: Warrior Forged in Flame Statue includes a swap-out helmeted portrait, as our hero dons the Dragonhorn Helm to protect herself even further against the onslaught of fire. Crafted from the same horns as her body armor, this exclusive display option gives the slayer an even more legendary look in your collection.

Arm your collection for an epic battle and bring home the Dragon Slayer: Warrior Forged in Flame Statue from Sideshow Originals today!

Story Concept:

In a time of ancient heroes, fearsome monsters abound… but none are more petrifying than the blighted dragons that rule the skies. Once revered by humanity, these majestic lizards were corrupted by sickness unknown and turned into raging, mindless beasts. While many knights and adventurers have tried to subdue the dragons, only one woman has shown the strength and courage to emerge from the fire unscathed…

Forged in flame, sharpened like the steel of her blade, the Dragon Slayer is a deadly warrior from the age of swords and sorcery. Equipped with weapons that can pierce a dragon’s hide, she ensures her survival- and that of humanity- by becoming like her foes, taking their scales and bones to make her armor. She does not flinch in the face of danger, even as the ash rains down around her. But what will remain when she finally slays her last foe?

Take up arms and join the battle with the Dragon Slayer: Warrior Forged in Flame!

Purchase Limits
Limit of 1 per person.
Product Size
Height: 18.75" (47.6 cm)
Width: 14" (35.6 cm)
Depth: 8.75" (22.2 cm) *

Box Size
Height: 9.50" (24.1 cm)
Width: 18.00" (45.7 cm)
Depth: 23.00" (58.4 cm) *

Shipping Weight
13.50 lbs (6.1 kg) *

* Size and weight are approx. values
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12 Reviews
Dragon Slayer
April 8, 2022  |   Collector | Edition: Exclusive
5 star review

This has to be the most Fascinating Statue Sideshow has to offer in my opinion. To see the Detail is Amazing. As a Collector this Definitely is my Favorite. Priceless !

Fantastic collectable
March 31, 2022  |   Mihail D. | Edition: Exclusive
5 star review

I liked it on the pictures, but to look at it live is a whole other deal! The sculpt is fantastic, the pose and all the materials are awesome! Also it's so METAL!

Epic Statue
March 26, 2022  |   Collector | Edition: Exclusive
5 star review

This statue is fantastic! When you look at this piece you can conjecture all sorts of epic adventures from an ancient era full of mythical beings and sorcery! If you are a fantasy enthusiastic, you will enjoy adding this statue to your collection!

Stunningly Beautiful and Tells an Epic Story too!
February 15, 2022  |   Michael T. | Edition: Exclusive
5 star review

WOW! Kudos to all the folks at Sideshow for producing such a stunningly beautiful original sculpture.
The detailed photos gave me high expectations, and I feared I might be disappointed with the real thing… I wasn’t.

Dragon Slayer is, indeed, even better in person than the great photos of it on their website!

The sculpt has a wonderful contrast of textures between the scaled, metallic armour (the shiny gold highlights are a nice touch) and the soft skin textures that make this warrior, at once, dangerous and voluptuous. The breasts, buttocks, and especially, the abdominal region and rib cage are realistically rendered. The depth of detail in the hair, in both portrait versions, is impressive too! Wonderfully deep nostrils as well.

Being a longtime Skyrim fan, I wish the game had armour this beautifully designed (great helmet!), mods notwithstanding…

The brushwork on the statue is extremely detailed and finely executed, especially on the faces.
I was pleasantly surprised to find that the portrait face, while still beautiful, looked older and less cherubic than the example 2022 photos, with the face’s structure looking a little more angular as well. She looks like a more mature person as befitting a killer of titans. A re-sculpt perhaps?

The dragon’s head base is a work of art in its own right with amazing detail in the skin and teeth, and, I think, adds immeasurably to the strength of the statue’s power of story-telling…
The Dragon Slayer isn’t just standing on a neutral base of rocks or stairs, but on the head of the magnificent creature she’s just bested in battle - worthy of an epic ballad.

This sculpture not only looks great, but tells a riveting story too!

Again, many thanks. The Dragon Slayer is worth every penny, especially with the additional Exclusive helmet portrait! Can’t stop looking at her…

Even better in person
January 31, 2022  |   Paul B. | Edition: Exclusive
5 star review

Glad to see more Sideshow originals, love the look of this one. Sexy and yet still badass. Dragon's face has excellent texture and a symbiote like blood which really complements it's face.

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