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Jawa & EG-6 Power Droid

5 Reviews
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Sideshow and Hot Toys present the Star Wars Jawa & EG-6 Power Droid Sixth Scale Collectible Figure Set based on Episode IV: A New Hope!

Jawas are meter-tall humanoids completely hidden behind rough, hand-woven robes. Their faces are concealed within the dark folds of a cowl, from which only their glowing yellow eyes can be seen. They comb the deserts of Tatooine in search of discarded scraps, wayward mechanicals and incapacitated droids to drag to their fortress-homes and immense sand-scarred vehicles known as sandcrawlers. The Jawas sell their hastily refurbished junk to moisture farmers who are hard-pressed to find a better selection elsewhere.

Little more than walking batteries, Power Droids trundle along as directed by their owners or their programming, recharging vehicles and machinery. They are often called “Gonk” droids in imitation of their simple vocalizations. There are many different models of Power Droids. Although they are common sights throughout the galaxy, Power Droids are often overlooked despite their critical importance to both military and civilian life.

Meticulously created based on the appearance of the two characters in the movie, the Jawa Sixth Scale Collectible Star Wars Figure features a newly developed head with LED lights, a skillfully tailored costume, variety of accessories, and a sand-themed figure base. The EG-6 Power Droid is finely crafted with a detailed mechanical body complete with weathering effects, and also comes with a sand-themed figure base.

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Jawa & EG-6 Power Droid - Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope - Movie Masterpiece Series

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Whats In The Box

The Jawa & EG-6 Power Droid Sixth Scale Collectible Set specially features:


  • Authentic and detailed likeness of Jawa in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope
  • Newly developed body with over 20 points of articulation and black fabric hair around arms
  • Approximately 21 cm tall 
  • LED-light up functions on eyes (yellowish orange light, battery operated)
  • Five (5) pieces of interchangeable gloved hands including: 
    - One (1) pair of relaxed hands
    - One (1) pair of hands for holding rifle
    - One (1) gesture right hand 


  • One (1) brown-colored hooded cape with weathering effects
  • One (1) brown-colored under gown
  • One (1) pair of brown-colored leg wraps
  • One (1) pair of brown-colored shoes 
  • Two (2) crossbody belts with rifle holster


  • One (1) blaster rifle with weathering effects


  • One (1) welder
  • One (1) communicator
  • One (1) Specially designed figure base with sand-themed diorama accessory

Power Droid:

  • Expertly crafted with authentic detail of Power Droid in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope 
  • Newly developed body with 8 points of articulation
  • Approximately 18 cm tall
  • Specially applied silver metallic painting with weathering effects


  • One (1) Specially designed figure base with sand-themed diorama accessory
Additional Details
Product Size
Height: 8.27" (21 cm) *

Product Size
EG-6 Power Droid
Height: 7.08" (18 cm) *

Box Size
Height: 5.50" (14 cm)
Width: 9.50" (24.1 cm)
Depth: 15.00" (38.1 cm) *

Shipping Weight
3.30 lbs (1.5 kg) *

* Size and weight are approx. values
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Item shown is a prototype. When shipped, the final production piece may differ in appearance.

© & TM Lucasfilm Ltd. © 2019 Hot Toys Limited. All Rights Reserved.


5 Reviews
March 26, 2021  |   Stephen H.
5 star review

This double figure set in my opinion is fantastic, the box and presentation is 1st class as well.

Great Figure Set
January 12, 2021  |   Clinton S.
5 star review

This is a wonderful set. The Jawa's robes are nicely dirtied and distressed, its bandoliers are great quality, and the accessories are all highly detailed. The Gonk droid is surprisingly large and has similarly great detail with scratches and streaks of grime and dirt. Also, the feet are bottom-heavy so it can be posed leaning forward without worry of tipping.

This set is a must for an Original Trilogy collection or any number of focused collections.

A beton nya mombay m'bwa!
December 20, 2020  |   Thomas M.
5 star review

When I was three years old the Power Droid and Jawa were some of my favorite figures. I’m happy to add him to my collection. This is mine, all mine!

Super Figure Set... A definite must have.
September 25, 2020  |   Nathaniel M.
5 star review

This is seriously the best Jawa action figure ever produced. The Power Droid is an awesome addition to the set because it's a beautiful figure with incredible detail, but I doubt that a lot of people would buy him on his own. I would love to see Hot Toys do a second set with a Jawa wearing the leather vest thing, a couple different accessories and the multi arm droid in the lineup for Owen Lars ... another great looking figure that probably wouldn't sell well on its own. I can't wait for the eventual release of R5-D4...

September 20, 2020  |   Collector
5 star review

I'm digging this way more than I expected. I was told that the eyes don't match the product images. That is true - but they are spot on to what they looked like in the Mandalorian. The robe matches the driod selling scene from a ANH perfectly.

Gonk is amazing. Good weathering - legs have good poseability. It's weighted in the feet and the body is hollow so that it's not tipping over everytime a truck drives past your house - smart call there. Glad I bought these companion pieces - they look great on the shelf next to R2 and 3po. A solid 5 stars from me. Great release.