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    “This is a rebellion isn’t it? I rebel”
    Played by British actress Felicity Jones, Jyn Erso is an exciting new character in the Star Wars universe. This independent and headstrong young woman with her defiant attitude and fighting spirit has already captured the imaginations of fans worldwide in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story!
    Sideshow’s Jyn Erso Premium Format Figure is ready for action in a hostile and unforgiving environment. She is wearing a hooded weatherproof poncho with a portable breather mask hanging loosely around her neck and respirator pouch on her hip. She is also carrying a Blaster Rifle and an additional BlasTech A-180 Blaster as a backup sidearm in a thigh holster.
    Whatever her mission, there’s no doubt that she’s prepared for the worst!
    Our Jyn Erso Premium Format Figure features an incredibly realistic likeness of actress Felicity Jones that captures all of the charisma and personality that has already made her character so endearing. All of her movie-accurate clothing and equipment has been expertly duplicated with amazing attention to detail.  The scratched and scarred Blaster Rifle, the contrasting textures of her individually tailored garments, the rusted metal elements and filthy plastic of her respirator equipment, even the tiny buttons, clips and buckles on her gear have been individually sculpted to attain a level of detail that is just astounding!
    The statue features a beautifully sculpted and painted movie-inspired platform base, making this Premium Format Star Wars Figure a proud focal point of your new Rogue One: A Star Wars Story collection! 

    Product Size
    Height: 19.5" (49.5 cm)
    Width: 10" (25.4 cm)
    Depth: 11" (27.9 cm)
    Weight: 7.00 lbs (3.2 kg) *

    Box Size
    Height: 13.00" (33 cm)
    Width: 16.00" (40.6 cm)
    Depth: 24.00" (61 cm) *

    Shipping Weight
    12.00 lbs (5.4 kg) *

    * Size and weight are approx. values
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    (c) and (TM) Lucasfilm Ltd.


    5 Reviews
    She rebels
    June 19, 2018  |   Alexandru D. | Edition: Exclusive

    This is my third premium format from Sideshow, and it looks great next to the death trooper premium format. The pics don't do it justice though as it looks slimmer in reality. The likeness of Felicity Jones is spot on plus the garbs, the mask and the holding of the blaster is a real eyecatcher. A+++

    the Rogue One, Jyn Erso
    June 5, 2018  |   Collector | Edition: Exclusive

    the statue, if you can call it that, is positively stunning. The attention to detail is astounding. the figure stands above my desk on a dedicated shelf with a art deco drawing of Jyn Erso framed just behind the figure. by far, my favorite star wars character, and Sideshow did tremendous work.

    RIP, Jyn Erso
    March 17, 2018  |   Barry S. | Edition: Exclusive

    My first order from Sideshow a long wait but lovely addition to anyones collection, also one of the best caricatures in the Star Wars Universe.

    Awesome Display Piece!
    March 18, 2018  |   Sean K. | Edition: Exclusive

    One of our favorite Star Wars movies is Rogue One. The Jyn Erso Premium Format Figure is awesome! Easy to put together and it is such a sharp looking display piece. We get compliments on it all the time from our (now jealous) Star Wars friends. A great piece by Sideshow for sure!

    Simply perfect!
    March 18, 2018  |   Collector | Edition: Exclusive

    The detailed likeness of Felicity Jones as Jyn is perfect! I really don't know which portrait to display since each is gorgeous! The costume detailing is right on! The entire figure is a work of art...as all STAR WARS Premium Format figures are at Sideshow. Well done! Be ROGUE...get Jyn!!