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Capcom, Iconiq Studios, and TBLeague are proud to present the highly-detailed 1/6 scale Ryu figure from the genre-defining video game franchise Street Fighter. Featuring a new and specially developed seamless body that is fully articulated and capable of replicating Ryu’s signature special attacks, including the iconic HADOKEN thanks to the fireball effect accessory and joined hands set.

The figure includes two game-accurate head sculpts that perfectly capture the martial artist, and a number of hands to replicate his fighting stances.


Whats In The Box

The Ryu Sixth Scale Collectible Figure features:

  • Two (2) Game-accurate head sculpts
  • One (1) specifically created fully articulated seamless body (ICONIQ EXCLUSIVE)
  • A full set of clothing, including wired belt and bandana
  • One (1) Hadoken fireball accessory
  • One (1) Duffel bag
  • Six (6) Pairs of hands, including a joined pair for Hadoken posing
  • Two (2) Pairs of feet
  • One (1) Base with posable pole
Additional Details
Purchase Limits
Limit of 6 per person.
Product Size
Height: 12" (30.5 cm) *

Box Size
Height: 6.75" (17.1 cm)
Width: 11.00" (27.9 cm)
Depth: 14.25" (36.2 cm) *

Shipping Weight
6.65 lbs (3 kg) *

* Size and weight are approx. values
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Item shown is a prototype. When shipped, the final production piece may differ in appearance.



3 Reviews
Amazing SF Figure!
March 22, 2023  |   Anthony N.
5 star review

Got this from a Sideshow distributor up here in Canada, and I gotta agree with the other reviews on Sideshow, that this figure was very well done, and probably the best Ryu figure, if not the best videogame fighter figure to date! Very high quality and it's amazing how you can pose Ryu in any of his fighting moves. The seamless upper body looks amazing, and while the seam at the ankles is a bit of an eye sore, I understand why this had to be done for articulation and engineering of the figure as a whole. It would be epic if Iconiq is able to make Sagat to pair with this Ryu!

Best 1/6 Ryu. EVER.
February 24, 2023  |   Michael D.
5 star review

This is the definitive Ryu figure in my opinion. Hands down the best Ryu on the market. The newly developed silicone (although I'm hearing it's not quite, but actually TPE) body from TB League is INCREDIBLE and provides realistic anatomy to posing the figure as far as muscle definition is concerned. My only gripe with this figure as far as anatomically speaking goes, is the feet. The gap between the foot sculpt and ankle of the TPE body is quite an eyesore without a proper pose to hide it. HOWEVER, it's just not enough to knock down one star off the rating as this is still in my opinion too great of a figure to knock a whole star off. Truly a one of one. It's a wonder why this figure isn't spoken about more because this is truly a work of art. Sheer beauty. Also, if it seems I'm gawking at the Phicen/Tb League body too much, I want to also let you as the reader know this is also my first Tb League/TPE body figure. Although I am quite very familiar with the bodies of a TB League, this is the first in my collection and is more impressive than any TB League body I've seen thus far in reviews due to the sheer bulk of Ryu's frame. There's just a lot more canvas here to see the muscles move in the correct places and makes it much more noticeable in hand. I've had a blast posing this figure. The hadoken hands are quite a pain to attach, but with some finesse, I've seen some great looking photos from other reviewers. So it is possible.

If you can, please do yourself a favor if you're a video gamer with fond memories of Street Fighter or Marvel vs Capcom. Get this figure!!

February 21, 2023  |   Alton M.
5 star review

Iconiq Studios knocked this one out the park, I can’t wait for Ken, and the rest of the cast. This is a must purchase!