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Optimus Prime Transformers Generation 1

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Sideshow Exclusive

Switchable Energy Axe and Fusion Axe

"Freedom is the right of all sentient beings"

Sideshow and Prime 1 Studio are proud to present the Premium Masterline Optimus Prime Transformers Generation 1. This unique interpretation of the iconic Autobot Leader was design by renowned artist Josh Nizzi, famous for his interpretation in the Transformers movies. Optimus Prime is crafted with impressive attention to detail and features LED light-up eyes; he stands around 24 inches tall and is the ultimate Optimus Prime piece for Transformers fans.

Optimus Prime Transformers Generation 1 - Premium Masterline

Optimus Prime
Prime 1 Studio
Animation Action Adventure
Josh Nizzi (Design)

The Premium Masterline Optimus Prime (Transformers Generation 1) features:

  • LED light up function on head
  • Exclusive switchable energy axe
  • Exclusive switchable fusion axe

Product Size
Height: 24" (61 cm)
Width: 14.40" (36.6 cm)
Depth: 12.36" (31.4 cm) *

Box Size
Height: 14.00" (35.6 cm)
Width: 29.00" (73.7 cm)
Depth: 29.00" (73.7 cm) *

Shipping Weight
40.00 lbs (18.1 kg) *

* Size and weight are approx. values
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Item shown is a prototype. When shipped, the final production piece may differ in appearance.

HASBRO and its logo and TRANSFORMERS, the logo and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission (c) 2017 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.


3 Reviews
1st statue in my collection
August 13, 2018  |   Collector | Edition: Exclusive

This statue has such presence. I can just picture Optimus speaking to me in his unique voice while I watch TV in my game room. Right now he's lonesome, but soon enough he will have company.

A Perfect Statue
August 28, 2017  |   Dinesh R. | Edition: Exclusive

Thanks Sideshow for having this in your collection. Received in perfect state in perfect undamaged packaging. This Optimus Prime is really a fantastic amazing statue. The textures coloring and details are exactely what you want this to be.

ROLLING OUT Old School Optimus Prime
August 9, 2017  |   Bruce T. | Edition: Exclusive

I just received my Optimus Prime Exclusive. I'm so LOVING IT!!! This 1/4 scale Exclusive will be SANDWICHED between my Prime 1 Studio 1/3 scale Optimus Prime Exclusive and Collector Edition Optimus Prime. I received it with the new Megatron Exclusive Companion Piece. 5 Star Day FOR SURE!!!