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To say that we are excited to share this piece with you is an understatement - It is our pleasure to introduce to you Sideshow’s Voltron Maquette! 

Standing at a tremendous 27” tall, the Voltron Maquette is our unique interpretation of the iconic Defender of the Universe. Wrought with battle damage earned in combat while defending the galaxy, Sideshow’s Voltron will capture the imagination of 80s fans and will ignite the hearts of new fans to the property as well.

Constructed from polyresin, metal, and premium grade PVC, Voltron is made up of 106 individual pieces; however, lucky owners will only have to assemble 11 pieces to summon him forth. The wingspan gives Voltron a diameter of 14.5”, making it the perfect centerpiece to your collection. The eyes in the main head, both the lions and the robot’s, light up and the piece can be displayed with or without the incredibly detailed sword.

Product Size
Height: 27" (68.6 cm)
Width: 14.5" (36.8 cm)
Depth: 14.5" (36.8 cm)
Weight: 28.00 lbs (12.7 kg) *

Box Size
Height: 16.00" (40.6 cm)
Width: 22.00" (55.9 cm)
Depth: 31.00" (78.7 cm) *

Shipping Weight
38.00 lbs (17.2 kg) *

* Size and weight are approx. values
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TM & (c) World Events Productions, LLC. Under license to Classic Media, LLC.


10 Reviews
September 8, 2018  |   Nick B.

awesome statue, now we need the power rangers megazord and dragonzord statuea to match

Detailed, Beautiful, and the .........
September 1, 2017  |   Michael W.

Best Voltron you can buy to date! Ordered Aug 19th & almost # 500. They'll be gone soon. Being an owner of just about every Voltron/Go Lion at one time or another, I can say with confidence nobody would regret this maquette. The size is unique & gives a sense of awe. Motorized Turntable is a must!

Voltron unite!
August 20, 2017  |   Nathan K.

I got to say great work by the Sideshow team that brought us Voltron! The assembly and consistency of flow of detail was greatly achieved. It feels solid with weight; well distributed! The paint and attention to detail was well planned out. Glad I chose this one:)

August 20, 2017  |   Collector

Just got this and a gift and let me tell you WOW, I love it and love you guys for what you do and the attention to details is just out of this world. I have and will always be a side show collector. Thank you

Nice battle worn paint job!
August 19, 2017  |   Collector

My nephew enjoyed putting together Voltron. He was impressed with the size and weight of this statue. What caught his eye was the battle worn paint job of the pieces.

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