Deploying Soon From the Shatterdome – Striker Eureka!

Holding the best stats and the highest Kaiju kill count in the Pan Pacific Defense Corps Jaeger Program, Sideshow is proud to unveil the first and only Mark-V series Jaeger, Striker Eureka!

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“To fight monsters, we created monsters!”

A powerful combination of technology and human willpower, we’ve brought the Skyscraping Soldier to life with the Striker Eureka Pacific Rim Statue, enhanced with an expertly detailed paint application and brilliant red and blue light-up features.

Piloted by father and son team, Herc and Chuck Hansen, Australia’s pride and joy is more than prepared to battle humanity’s greatest threat, the onslaught of ferocious Kaiju. Striker comes equipped with high impact Brass Knuckles, deadly twin thermal Sting-Blades, and a six-barreled chest missile launcher, making him truly a force to be reckoned with!

Developed in partnership with award-winning filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro, don’t miss your chance to bring this brutal brawler from the big screen to your collection!

The Striker Eureka Pacific Rim Statue is priced at $399.99, with payment plans available for as little as $60/month.

Get ready to cancel the apocalypse!