Dream Date with Pasha Setrova

Pasha Setrova is one of our favorite doll artists in NYC — not to mention the world. Our creative director, Andrew Yang, is lucky enough to be not just one of her fans, but also one of her friends. Check out what he had to say about the artist and her beautiful studio after visiting with her in New York:
“Pasha’s studio is in a basement below her apartment, and its a world of wonders — her sculpts poke out from boxes and lounge across tables like nymphs. When you hang with doll royalty, cool stuff happens — like being able to style a purple fur coat and have an impromptu photo shoot, help famous face-up artist Leilah Li, of Culur Faceups, choose which sculpt she will paint, or get a sneak peak of her custom doll for Yatabazah. I can’t wait to see what kind of wigs he makes!”
Thanks for sharing these photos with us, Andrew!