S Doll Debuts the ‘Underworld Muses’ Original Doll Collection

S Doll is proud to announce the launch of its original doll brand: The Underworld Muses! The product line – which will be available for pre-order in Spring 2019 – features three dressed dolls and three “blank” dolls.

Do you feel the compulsion to create? To bring satisfying order to chaos, or to joyfully scatter everything to the wind? The muses are whispering in your ear. S Doll is excited to debut its first doll line: The Underworld Muses. The brand features two collections:

The Underworld Muses: Atelier Cryptus – Three uniquely-sculpted, 16-inch tall, resin ball-jointed dolls, each exquisitely dressed. The Muse of Bone, the Muse of Flesh and the Muse of Spirit each sport custom-tailored looks that include both soft couture fabrics and hard sculpted elements.

The Underworld MusesSpector – Doll artists inspired by the Atelier Cryptus Collection can claim a muse of their own with the spector “blank” versions of the three muses. Expertly engineered and infinitely pose-able, the 16-inch tall, resin ball-jointed muses afford numerous opportunities to doll artists.

The muses are jointed at the shoulders, elbows and wrists, with magnetic hand attachments. They are also jointed at the ribcage, and at the hip, knee and ankle. Custom eye plug-ins, a dual-jointed neck, and a back-head plate make customization easy, while offering a wide range of expressiveness.

Inspired by the Court of the Dead, an original dark fantasy property created by Tom Gilliland, “each doll is designed to communicate elements of the three factions in the Underworld,” explains Gilliland. “Bone represents structure and order; Flesh represents adaptation and change; Spirit represents fluidity, connection, and the pursuit of universal truths.” Learn more about the factions and the Court of the Dead here.

Gilliland collaborated with esteemed doll artist Andrew Yang to bring the Underworld Muses to life. “When I create a new doll, I am usually concerned with how to effectively translate ideas into miniature, and then to market — but the rich world of the Court is filled with intrigue, romance, and glamour; I wanted to tell stories with these undead beauties.” Yang said. “What does the world of high fashion look like in the dark world of the dead? Who are the models…and why? I think collectors will love telling these stories through posing and playing with their Muses.”

S Doll is thrilled to invite you to find your inspiration with the Underworld Muses. Coming for pre-order in Spring 2019, the Underworld Muses will be available to ship worldwide. Follow S Doll on our various social media platforms for more launch details and behind-the-scenes content!

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