S Doll Portraits: Choco Deer Moca

S Doll collaborates with photographer Maurice R. LaCroix III to catalog and celebrate the amazing breadth of artwork that is doll portraiture.

#SdollPortrait — Choco Deer Moca 2013

Maker: Kreamdoll (Moca Pino Ru)

Category: Ball-Jointed Doll (BJD)

Sculpt: Deer Moca

Anthropomorphic dolls—or Anthro Dolls—are dolls that share animal and human characteristics. They have long been popular within the BJD community. Kreamdoll’s Deer Moca is the perfect example of why these types of dolls are so enticing: it’s very cute! Like many BJD’s, these dolls are completely made to order, meaning that elements such as face paint and eye color may vary slightly from doll to doll.


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