S Doll Portraits: Factory Blythe

#Sdollportrait — “Factory” Blythe – 2000s

Maker: Non-Specific

Category: Fashion Doll

Sculpt: Blythe

“Factory” is a loose term meaning a doll for whom the source of the parts remains unknown. They are said to be left-over parts that didn’t pass quality tests, or combined elements of leftover or discarded dolls. To many, they are simply illegal knock offs — and woe be to the collector who tries to pass this style of doll off in the Blythe community. Many Blythe collectors refuse to acknowledge factory dolls as legitimate.

The factory Blythe pictured above wears an outfit by Huang Weiyuann, a popular clothing designer for all sixth scale dolls. Have you ever come into contact with a factory Blythe doll? Let us know in the comments!


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