S Doll Vocab: Rebody

S Doll explains vocabulary frequently used in the Doll community.

To ‘rebody’ a doll is to replace the head of one doll onto the body of another! Many collectors test this practice to the extreme, hand carving and altering joints on dolls that are decades apart in age.

There are many tutorials available on rebodying dolls–so much so that nearly everyone has a custom (or nearly custom) doll in their collection!

This particular example is from Mattel’s Fashionistas Barbie line, a collection known for its fashion and diversity. These dolls are typically lacking in articulation, so they are often rebodied by collectors. The head on this doll was changed out with a hyper-poseable option.

If you decide to rebody your own dolls, be sure to tag us in the photos so that we can celebrate your work!


S Doll