The Ball-Jointed Witch Hunter: Doll Face

This peculiar doll is truly something else! Lila is a 17th century human soul who was killed by witches. She was brought back to life after a handful of MIT students transported her into present time while experimenting with technology and a 3D printer, in an attempt to create the perfect woman. The lucky result of the experiment means that Lila has a chance to hunt the witches that killed her (albeit she returns to life in a ball-jointed doll’s body).

Lila appears in the top selling comic Doll Face – Tales of the Ball-Jointed Witch Hunter, as part of Dan Mendoza and Bryan Seaton’s Action Lab Comics.

Those who follow her adventures — or are just fascinated with the character in general — will be happy to know that Lila is now available as a real, three-dimensional doll! Just like in the comics, this replica is an 18” high, ball-jointed doll made of the finest resin, with 16 articulation points, carrying all the quirks that make this Witch Hunter so unique.

Her eyes might be the most recognizable details: yellow, with heart-shaped pupils, they’re quite special. These 16mm eyes can be changed for a multitude of looks. The rest of her hand-painted facial features are framed by her two-tone, pink and lilac wig, which you can easily comb and style, as it is made of fine acrylic fiber.

Doll Face’s outfit also matches the one featured in the comics: the Lila doll wears the iconic black and white satin babydoll dress with puff sleeves, layers of ruffles on the skirt, white collar and sash with a bow in the back, and two buttons below the collar. Her black Mary-Jane shoes and knee-high stockings are there as well.

Ready to hunt some witches down with Doll Face? She is available through Sideshow for $550.00 USD!



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