All Dolled Up with Yatabazah

Dolls are vehicles to our imaginations. When we collect, play with, and photograph them, they tell us stories of moments we’ve only lived in the comfort of our minds. Such is the case with the work of Yatabazah, who’s work with dolls is chic, formal, and vintage. The stories he depicts through his artistry are magical, whether it’s his meticulously staged black and white photography, grainy video vignettes of his personal collection, or vintage fairy tale mohair wigs.

Below is a collection of some of our favorite Yatabazah pieces; above, you’ll find a clip of ‘Wilhemina’, his entry into a Blythe Design contest.

Yatabazah is the alias of Thanos Samaras, a well known actor and editorial hair stylist based in Athens, Greece. Let us know what you love most about his work in the comments below.


S DOll