Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Check out the deals, announcements, and giveaways coming soon at Sideshow!

Stay up to date with all the events that take place at Sideshow. From annual events to special occasions that come along, we always have something happening.

Join our Collector’s Community and follow along with Collect-A-Day May where special events are planned for each day of the month.

We reveal a variety of new Marvel Collectibles, DC Collectibles, Star Wars Collectibles, Hot Toys, and more every San Diego Comic-Comic, New York Comic-Con, 12 Days of Sideshow.

Towards the end of the year, we’ll be celebrating Spooktacular with scary specials, insane giveaways and new items galore! And make sure to tune in for our Black Friday and Cyber Monday events to see our absolute best deals of the year.

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