Fan-crafted miniature Star Wars gun racks

Rodney M. writes…

Good morning Sideshow,

I have no intention of ever selling my collection, therefore I do not keep the boxes, so now I have a cupboard of fishing tackle boxes full of carefully filed and labelled feet, heads, hands and guns.

I don’t like having all of these beautifully designed weapons hidden away in a cupboard, so I asked myself, “what does the military do when guns are not in use?” They put them in a GUN RACK! I assume they do anyway. Using a bunch of old garage scraps, I made gun racks for my Star Wars militia. I’m no artist or sculptor or model maker so forgive the clear
imperfections, I hope you like them anyway!


Boy, it’s lucky you have those compartments. Rodney, the team got a huge kick out of your handiwork, and as Han would say, “there’s nothing like a good blaster at your side, kid.”  Thanks for sharing!

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