Zartan, master of make-up and disguise!

Jeremy S. writes…

Hi Sideshow,

I finally got my Zartan Sixth Scale Figure, and it’s super dang awesome, as I expected!!

So awesome, in fact, that my son was inspired to put together a costume just five days before this past weekend’s toys and collectibles show here in town.

Aside from some Salvation Army goodies he used cardboard, flexifoam, 2 liter pop bottles, cut up belts, and various tidbits to put it together.

I was so inspired by his determination to finish it by the show on Sunday, that I stayed up late Saturday night to make sure he had a fairly “Zartanish” pistola (made of black foamcore/PVC segments/cat’s empty medicine prescription bottle) to brandish the next day!

This was super awesome fun to make. I guess if I get Major Bludd, my sons will have to do that costume next!

Bravo Jeremy, he looks like a true leader of Dreadnoks! We just want to know one thing…does his skin turn blue when exposed to sunlight?

Yep, we definitely see the resemblance…