Featured Collector Dylan Ezzie

Featured Collector Dylan EzzieDylan Ezzie

Location:                           New York, NY

Started Collecting:      I am a huge fan of horror movies and started collecting two years ago after finding a small Creature from the Black Lagoon figure in my local comic shop. After proudly displaying him on my desk, I scoured the internet to see what other kinds of collectible figures were out there. Within months I was buying two or three figures per day…

My collection is my home, something I am very proud of.

I live in a NYC studio apartment no bigger than 500 square feet. Within that space, six life-size horror icons dwell in my kitchen, four life-size Warner Bros. store display figures hang out next to my bed, a life-size Creature from the Black Lagoon greets my guests, a life-size ET stands next to my couch with a life-size Chucky by his side, and a life-size Jigsaw Doll from Saw guards my doorway.

Ultimately, it’s an awfully small space to have so many nefarious fellows keeping me company, but this is just the start…