Featured Collector: Felipe Grijalba

Felipe Grijalba

Location:                            New Jersey

Started Collecting:      2010



I started collecting comics back in my country, Colombia, when I was just 5 years old. The tooth fairy gave me the Knightfall compilation of Batman and that is where all started…

The themes in my collection are somewhat varied, but my favorites are superheroes, especially from DC. When I was a kid, I dressed up as Superman for Halloween like 5 years in a row, from September to December!

I watched all of his movies, and when I first saw the Christopher Reeve as Superman he was the way I had always pictured him in my head, it felt like my imagination was coming to life.

I’ve always seen my Dad as my superhero and I believe that in a way I saw my dad in Superman, so he kind of guided me throughout my childhood. Now with my collection I feel that it is kind of a tribute for him. Every time I see these statues and figures I remember him and it feels good.

The Hot Toys Christopher Reeve is my most precious one, for the reasons above and it was a gift from my wife for my birthday.

The Exclusive Green Lantern was my first Premium Format and another favorite. The metallic look on the statue is great and the light up feature gives it a unique look. The additional fist with the green construct is awesome, and it’s gotten many compliments from all my friends. I am hoping to get the Superman and Batman Premium Format soon to put them all together!