Featured Collector Matthew C.

Featured Collector Matthew CallahanMatthew C.

Location:                           Fort Meade, MD

I only just started collecting and stumbled upon Sideshow looking for detailed Star Wars characters to photograph. Though my collection is small, the amazing attention to detail in the figures has yielded some great results. I can’t wait to own my next figures.

I favor the Star Wars collectibles above all else, particularly the masked characters in the universe. When shooting, I try to represent them as real-to-life as possible. As a photographer in the Marines, I try to apply what I know about the military and techniques I’ve used on real subjects and emulate that through shooting these amazing figures.

His Favorites

Right now, Boba Fett clad in his prototype armor.

His Wishlist

All the rest of the characters from the Star Wars military. The universe is vast, but the imperial military is extremely compelling. I like telling their stories visually. I can’t wait to own all of them one day