Featured Collector: Will B.

Will B.

Location:                     Honolulu, Hawaii

Started Collecting:      2011



Star Wars is without a doubt one of those sagas that for most people either changed their life or became a memorable landmark in it. Either way, collecting these pieces brings a joy I haven’t had in a long time.

I started collecting just after my wedding, in 2011. My wife and I bought a Dewback Sixth Scale Figure with our wedding money as a piece of art for our 6 ft display counter, which is elevated in the middle of our living room. It’s still the most impressive piece I have purchased.

Collecting inspired me to create displays for my figures, which brought me back to a form of art production. I am currently remodeling the display, creating sand ripples in parts of the dunes and I’ve added my first ever build, a Moisture Vaporator. Now my displays are my art pieces for my figures.