Freedom Prevails! Presenting Captain America – Allied Charge on Hydra

For over 70 years, Captain America has been a symbol of freedom and liberty, fighting for the red, white and blue.

Created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, ‘Cap’ was first seen punching Adolf Hitler on the cover of Captain America Comics #1, a direct response to the booming popularity of patriotic superheroes in the 1940s. He became an instant fan-favorite – recognized as a true leader, upstanding citizen, and hero deemed as American as apple pie and comic books. Today, Captain America remains one of Marvel’s most prominent and enduring icons.

Sentinel of Liberty

Long before Captain America became an Avenger, the atrocities of World War II on the newsreels inspired Steve Rogers to enlist in the U.S. armed forces and fight for freedom against the Axis powers. He volunteered to receive experimental Super-Soldier Serum, which successfully boosted his physique to the maximum of human potential and efficiency. Rogers vowed to use his heightened abilities to fight the enemies of America, and at the top of that list was Hydra, the rising evil terrorist organization lead by the ruthless Red Skull. The U.S. Government gave him a costume based on Old Glory, an indestructible shield, and the codename ‘Captain America’. With remarkable abilities, unwavering courage and a “never say die” attitude, Cap became a beacon of hope and freedom.

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“I can’t surrender. I don’t know how!”

Sideshow is proud to celebrate the World War II era of Marvel’s legendary patriot with the Captain America – Allied Charge on Hydra Premium Format™ Figure.

Featuring a stunning combination of comic book stylization and enhanced realism, Captain America vaults over rubble and onto the battlefield in this expertly crafted, dynamic composition. Equipped with his signature weapon and defense, Cap will face the enemy with two variations of his iconic shield – the classic triangular badge-shaped design, and the modern circular disc shield he is best associated with today.

The Star-Spangled super soldier dons his classic USO hand-tailored fabric uniform with sculpted armor details and authentic standard issue WWII military belt, fitted with storage pouches, holstered knife and sidearm, and entrenching shovel with scabbard.

With one arm raised high above his head, interchangeable fist and signal hand gestures demonstrate two of Steve Rogers’ finest traits; determination and leadership – and with the addition of the Sideshow Exclusive, he is armed for his mission with a Thompson submachine gun (see below right).

The Captain America – Allied Charge on Hydra Premium Format™ Figure will be leading the charge, with Red Skull coming soon to complete this ultimate face off!

The regular and Exclusive versions of Captain America are priced at $399.99, with payment plans available for as low as $45.00/month.