7 DIY Geeky Halloween Costumes You Can Wear at Home

Halloween is here, Spooky Season lovers! Time to watch your favorite horror movies, bust out the bone-chilling decorations, and Monster Mash your way to the 31st! Unfortunately, our current circumstances make it difficult to hit up the nearest Halloween rager.

Chances are, you might stick to having a couple of friends over for a more intimate get-together. Or you might decide to celebrate at home. Regardless of your personal holiday preferences, it’s never truly Halloween unless you’re in costume. 

Thankfully, you don’t need all the bells and whistles and boatloads of money to get in the spooky spirit. You can even create a costume with clothing items in your closet. My fellow Disneyland fanatics, think of some of these ideas as “Disney Bounds” of sorts. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive into seven DIY geeky Halloween costumes you can wear at home and require little to no spending on your part. Note: Any gender and race can wear these costumes.


You could go in a couple of directions for the God of Mischief. Perhaps you dig his Avengers garb. Pull out a pair of black faux leather pants or leggings (if you don’t have that, then regular black pants will suffice). Throw on some black boots — lace-up will work, but the plainer, the better. You can wear a simple forest green T-shirt and pair it with a long black coat or even a short pleather jacket to mimic the leather look of his costume. Then, if you want to add extra detail, wear a plain gold chunky necklace that resembles the circular, gold accent on Loki’s chest or put on some earrings that look like Loki’s scepter.

Now, if you’re itching to don Loki’s Time Variance Authority outfit, you can either order a premade jacket or grab a khaki utility work jacket from your closet. Even a lighter-material coat will do the trick, as long as it roughly matches the color of Loki’s on the show. Then, purchase the “Variant” lettering for the back and the TVA chest patch from Etsy sellers or buy printable heat transfer paper and make your own.

As for the tie, a generic brown one should work. For the shirt and pants, a standard white dress shirt and brown slacks fit the bill. Loki’s TVA belt buckle might be harder to recreate unless you want to go the extra mile and craft one from scratch. However, if you already have the TVA details on your jacket, a plain black belt will do just as well. 

You’re ready to fulfill your glorious purpose.

Wanda Maximoff

Wanda has had her fair share of costume changes over the years. While my favorite is her Scarlet Witch look in WandaVision, I believe her digs in Captain America: Civil War might be easier to emulate. First, you can wear a red top (probably a bit more form-fitting). Even better if you have a red corset. Pair it with a long or short red coat. A trench coat will do the trick if you don’t have a pleather one.

Bust out the black faux leather leggings or pants, complete with black boots (preferably without laces). Red fingerless gloves aren’t necessary, but great if you’re feeling nostalgic for the ’80s. Paint your nails black. If you don’t have a simple red pendant necklace, you can purchase an inexpensive Scarlet Witch emblem to complete her ensemble.

Now, you’re all set to kick some Mad Titan ass!

Rick Sanchez

Wubba-lubba-dub-dub! This costume’s one of the easiest DIY outfits on this list. Rick Sanchez is not a man of decadence. He doesn’t have a penchant for fancy clothes. Just grab a white coat — a white trench coat is great if you don’t have a lab coat. Wear a robin’s egg blue plain shirt (it doesn’t have to be long-sleeved; t-shirts work). Don a pair of form-fitting brown pants with a belt. Dust off your black sneakers. If you want to go the extra mile, you can use makeup to create the “drool” that’s perpetually on Rick’s chin. 

It’s time to berate your simple-minded grandson while having drunken space adventures!


Admittedly, imitating Misty’s getup in Pokémon is also quite simple. Find a light yellow tank top, for starters. It doesn’t need to be a crop top. Then, bust out a pair of denim shorts and sneakers. Red Converse are brilliant, and white tennis shoes will do the trick as well — even sneakers with red and yellow accents. Lastly, burgundy suspenders are a Misty wardrobe staple. If you’ve got long enough hair to put it in a side ponytail, then go for it. 

If you’re already a Pokémon fan, perhaps you have a Poké Ball on hand. If not, any circular red ball will be acceptable as long as you can catch ’em all! Bonus points if you paint an egg and call it Togepi.


You’ve undoubtedly seen all the Eleven cosplay that sprung from the world’s obsession with Stranger Things. So, while impatiently waiting for the hit Netflix show’s fourth season to arrive, why not revive an Eleven season 1 throwback look? You know the one. Just make sure someone doesn’t swipe your Eggos.

Grab a blue bomber jacket if you have one, but any light coat will do. A simple, pink Peter Pan-collared dress is next on the menu. However, a plain pink dress, even an oversized T-shirt, will work just as well. This fashion statement isn’t complete without tube socks (long white socks will suffice).

Finally, the shoes — white sneakers (Converse or otherwise) are the glue that holds this costume together. Don’t worry about muddying them up unless they’re already dirty. Then, dab some fake blood under your nose, snag your waffles, and travel to the Upside Down from the comfort of your own home.

Indiana Jones

Indy is a timeless character. Who didn’t want to be an adventuring archaeologist while growing up? For the jacket, you can wear a leather bomber jacket. But, in reality, any brown coat (not too thick) will look great. Follow that up with a beige button-down shirt and complementing beige pants/slacks. Form-fitting tan skinny jeans are great if you’re going for a “Disney Bound” Indiana Jones outfit. As for footwear, brown lace-up boots are the tops but you don’t need to splurge on inordinately expensive Indy boots — after all, you’re headed for rugged adventure.

Complete your costume with a fedora, then bust out your satchel. A whip isn’t necessary (neither are snakes). 

Ted Lasso 

Who doesn’t love Ted Lasso? The massively popular, feel-good TV show is currently one of the most talked about programs on social media, and understandably so. Everyone’s devoted to The Lasso Way! If you’re thinking about dressing up like England’s best gaffer for Halloween, you’ll find it’s quite easy to secure what you need. To start, a simple Oxford shirt or any button-down dress shirt will work, in white or light blue.

Next, add a navy blue knit sweater to your ensemble, a pair of off-white chinos or slacks, a whistle with a lanyard, and running shoes. Ted sports Nikes, but really any style of running shoe fits here. For the finishing touches, snag an AFC Richmond enamel pin or a white visor. Are you really ready to BELIEVE? Then, invest in a fake mustache (unless you can grow one).

Now, you’re prepared to be the happiest animal on Earth (hint: it’s a goldfish).

Do you have any DIY geeky costumes planned for this year? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!