A Magical Midwinter Gift Guide to the Enchanted Items in Dungeons & Dragons

Greetings, adventurers! As Midwinter approaches, it’s time once again to find that perfect gift for each member of your D&D party. Tired of risking life and limb delving into dungeons, at the mercy of the fates as you hope to find something fresh and exciting? (“Oh great, another +1 longsword.”)

Isn’t it nicer to receive a thoughtful gift that might make your job and your life a little easier? Your fellow adventurers surely feel the same way, and it’s always wise to endear yourself to the people you trust to watch your back.

Need some inspiration? Simply consult our gift guide here, with suggestions for adventurers at various levels of physical and financial power! And don’t worry, as with any magic item, one size fits all!*

*(Class restrictions may apply, attunement may be required.)

Budget Buys

A little short on coin? Never fear, these magic items are both accessible and delightful.

Chest of Preserving

Known in some realms as a “Bag of Colding,” this portable box keeps perishable items fresh as long as you need to carry them. Perfect for carrying fresh food on long journeys…or keeping a companion’s severed hand in good shape until you can find a cleric who can cast Regeneration. Add Heward’s Handy Spice Pouch and have gourmet meals on the go.

Cloak of Billowing

Do you have a party member who appreciates a dash of dramatic flair? Someone who likes to make a memorable entrance? A bard, a wizard, or perhaps a swashbuckling rogue? They’re sure to love the Cloak of Billowing, which can punctuate a sentence or action by billowing dramatically, even if there’s no wind. That’s all it does, just the billowing, but isn’t that enough?

Smoldering Armor

Need more protection than a cloak, but still want maximum drama in your wardrobe? Maintain that threatening presence with Smoldering Armor, available in a variety of styles to suit any armor-wearing adventurer. It’s exactly as effective as regular armor, but it also constantly emits wisps of black smoke–intimidating, yet perfectly safe.

Enduring Spellbook

We all find ourselves suddenly submerged in water or engulfed in fire from time to time. That’s #AdventurerLife! So save your favorite spellcasting bookworm a lot of headaches with the Enduring Spellbook, which can’t be damaged by water, flame, or the passage of time.

Staff of Birdcalls

Capture the music of nature with this aptly named staff, which can produce the sound of a variety of birdcalls. Ideal accompaniment for a bard, a druid (just add Shillelagh!), or for the person who’s always blowing your cover while signaling with their terrible impressions of birds.

Extravagant Enchantments

Efficient Quiver

It’s every barbarian’s worst nightmare: a flying foe hovering just above melee range, taunting them after they’ve already thrown both javelins. But you can keep your barbarian buddy in the fight with an Efficient Quiver, which stores up to 18 javelins, plus a whole mess of other items. Toss in a half-dozen handaxes and your barbarian will rage with joy on Midwinter morning.

Ring of Evasion

It’s the perfect gift for a somewhat experienced rogue who would enjoy being essentially immune to fireballs and the breath weapons of several types of dragon, terrifying their enemies with their seeming immortality.

Ioun Stones

Everyone can use +2 to at least one of their stats, which means there’s an Ioun Stone for every member of your party. All eyes will be on the person who’s suddenly a little bit better at something than they used to be, and also has a magic stone continuously orbiting their head.

Horns of Valhalla

It’s an age-old problem: “I sure would like to summon somewhere between 4 and 25 spectral warriors to help fight this battle/move this piano/fill out the audience for our bard’s under-attended improv show.” Solution: a Horn of Valhalla! These magical horns vary in color and rarity, as the pricier devices can summon larger groups of berserkers.

Sphere of Annihilation

Very expensive and nearly impossible to find, this is one of those big gifts that’s really for the whole party. Pros: This handy hole in the multiverse can carve paths through solid matter and destroy whatever it touches. Cons: It’s possible to lose control of this incredibly dangerous item, and it’s virtually impossible to wrap or conceal this gift for a Midwinter morning surprise.

Good luck with your shopping, happy haggling, and have a very merry Midwinter!

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