Amazon Orders Multi-Season Series for Lord of the Rings Show

Be sure to pack a second breakfast before you begin your binge-watch!

Amazon has ordered a multi-season Lord of the Rings television adaptation, hoping to explore more of the fantastical world of J.R.R. Tolkien’s legendary writing.  There is no set cast or premiere date anticipated for the project yet, but we do know a bit about where the focus will fall

The show will be taking place before the Middle Earth-shaking events of the war to destroy the One Ring, the subject of the Peter Jackson trilogy of films.  This provides an opportunity for additional worldbuilding within the Tolkien mythos- with no specific timeline announced, the producers could set the story between The Hobbit and Fellowship of the Ring, or move back even further in the history to feature the elves or other storied battles in Middle Earth lore.

This new Lord of the Rings project will eventually stream to Amazon Prime, and is certain to be an epic production, based on the success of the major cinematic trilogy.  What do you hope to see from this multi-season Lord of the Rings show?  Let Your Geek SideShow and tell us in the comments!