Poll- Did You Buy Your Black Panther Tickets Yet?

Wakanda forever!  With February 16 prowling closer and closer, tickets for Black Panther became available earlier this week and opened to record-breaking pre-sales.  Fandango reported Black Panther as the top pre-selling Marvel Studios film, surpassing previous record-holder Captain America: Civil War.

Some showings sold so quickly that even the film’s stars couldn’t get tickets! Lupita Nyong’o took to Twitter to share the incident.

To help fans pass the time between now and the February 16 opening of Black Panther, Marvel has also announced a variety of Black Panther news, from new TV spots and behind-the-scenes content to a Black Panther jewelry line, and a free sampler comic from Marvel coming to stores this month.  We can’t wait to see Wakanda on screen so soon!

Now, we’re curious- were you luckier than Lupita Nyong’o in trying to score a ticket for the opening weekend of Black Panther?