Conan the Barbarian Returns to Marvel Comics, My Boyfriend is a Bear Film in Development, and More!

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Legendary Pictures has acquired the rights to develop the acclaimed graphic novel My Boyfriend is a Bear for film. Created by Pamela Ribon and Cat Farris, the comic follows the story of a woman who, after a succession of terrible boyfriends, finds true love in the form of an American black bear. Ribon is attached to adapt the screenplay for the film, and has previously worked on scripts for Disney’s Moana and Ralph Breaks the Internet.

The Flash Season 5 has added two new actors in recurring series roles. Actor Kyle Secor will play Dr. Thomas Snow, the absent father of Danielle Panabaker’s Caitlin Snow. Contortionist Troy James, known for his stint on America’s Got Talent, will play the triple-jointed villain Rag Doll. The Flash Season 5 begins October 9th on the CW.

Marvel Comics has announced the creative team behind the upcoming return of Conan the Barbarian. Thor writer Jason Aaron will write new sword-swinging series, with artist Mahmud Asrar and colorist Matt Wilson. The book will debut in January 2019, and this will be the first Conan series produced by Marvel in 25 years, since the license moved to Dark Horse in 1993.

The official Twitter account for the popular sci-fi series Rick and Morty teased a new animation from the upcoming Season 4. The 15 second teaser shows an anime-inspired action sequence with new character designs for Rick, Morty, Summer, and Beth. Rick and Morty was renewed in May for an additional 70 episodes with Adult Swim, and Season 4 is expected to return in 2019.

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Let Your Geek Sideshow would like to acknowledge the life of comic book legend Russ Heath, who was known for his work on Western comics like Two-Gun Kid, and military comics like G.I. Combat. He passed away on Thursday, August 23rd at the age of 91.

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