A Totally Objective List of The Cutest Pokémon

This week during Fandom Rewind, we’re revisiting some favorites from the ’80s and ’90s for an extra serving of nostalgia. Whether you grew up then or you just have really good taste in pop culture, Fandom Rewind sheds new light on the movies, music, and TV of yesterday. No VCR required — but you might want a Poké Ball.

Sure, Pokémon were created to do battle. You build these pocket monsters into teams and hope to catch ’em all so you can be victorious against the famed Pokémon League. But there’s something even more appealing about Pokémon than their stats.

Pokémon plush and figure collectors likely know this best. There’s an important value outside of HP called cuteness. Level of damage dealt during an attack? Nah. Give us the starter with the biggest eyes. Thus for those of you who collect Pokémon for aesthetic reasons, below we’re listing some of the cutest Pokémon — and we are totally unbiased, BTW.


In this evolutionary line, Pikachu always gets the most love. And while that’s fair, let’s consider Raichu. The Electric-type simply sparks with the most delightful energy. Plus, its cheeks and belly are super squishable. Also, the orange coloring makes it look like a very huggable pumpkin — what else do you need?


Everybody loves Eevee! And we can’t blame you. The furry Normal-type is a great friend and looks soft as heck. Many trainers want to spend as much time as possible with their Eevee before evolving it — with those big ears, we get it.


Piplup is a baby blue penguin. It is a perfect, round, Water-type creature with a loyal and loving nature. Even the sound of its name evokes smiles and the same giddiness as a child jumping into puddles. Say it to yourself a couple times — you’ll grin, guaranteed.


Minccino is basically a chinchilla, which are like the clouds of the animal kingdom. The Normal-type’s huge ears and fluffy tails are giving us major heart eyes.


It’s just a baby! Togepi is actually so young and innocent that it carries its egg with it after it hatches as a source of comfort. It evolves with high friendship, and speaks in little trills. We think we’d pass out if was any cuter.


Cubone’s cuteness is directly correlated to your love of all things Halloween. Yep, we did the math. So if spooky stuff is your jam, you’ll absolutely adore the little monster that is this Ground-type Pokémon.


Are you obsessed with Juniper the fox? Then you’re gonna love Vulpix. An adorable take on the nine-tailed fox legend, Vulpix is a Fire-type Pokémon that looks like a fancy canine, but acts like your cherished puppy.


Bug-lovers beware! This one will catch you if you aren’t careful. Butterfree’s big, pleading eyes and beautiful wings make this Bug/Flying-type an alluring and adorable asset for your Pokémon collection.


Teddiursa’s name is essentially “Bear bear.” That’s already stupidly sweet. But then add on this Normal-type’s big ears and round body and it’s a cuteness overload.


We all went through a dinosaur phase as a kid. Well, Bulbasaur is for all of us who — rightfully — didn’t grow out of it! This toothy little Grass/Poison-type Pokémon resembles, well, a bulbous dinosaur. Many trainers love this leafy starter, and we don’t have to do much research to know why.


Shinx is simply an overgrown kitten with an attitude problem. And we love it to pieces. Imagine one of these Electric-type cuties curling up in your lap after a long day and purring like a generator. Perfection.


Torchic is a baby birdie Fire-type with a fitting name and the sweetest beak ever. And that’s it. That’s the tweet.


What’s in a name? This cutie—fly! As sweet as nectar, the Bug/Fairy-type Cutiefly is so tiny you just want to put it in your pocket. It is also always searching for bright and colorful auras, so your optimism and kindness will make you the cutie-pie that attracted Cutiefly!

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