DC Comics Characters Who Need Their Own Movies or TV Shows

DC Comics fans, rejoice! There are tons of live-action DC projects happening in 2022 and beyond. Many have been announced, but all the details are still under lock and key. With a lot of these projects being led by women, people of color, and members of the LGBTQ+ community, there’s absolutely room for even more of these diverse stories on the big screens.

So with confirmed films for Batgirl, Black Canary, and Zatanna in the works, we’re considering which other DC Comics characters might belong in a live-action television series or movie. Read our wishlist below — plus, think about the characters you’d add!


Hawkgirl is an immortal warrior who is reincarnated over the centuries. Knowing nothing else about the character, or her civilian alias Kendra Saunders, you have to agree that would make a killer experimental “following this character through time” kind of series. Of course, CW’s Legends of Tomorrow felt similarly when they brought on Hawkgirl and Hawkman for their time traveling exploits. In the Arrowverse, Hawkgirl has chosen a peaceful life and remains alive in the multiverse. Thus the possibilities are endless for a new solo story.

Jonathan Kent

You might be tired of Superman movies. We understand. That’s why instead of Clark Kent, let us posit a Superman movie with Jonathan Kent. This young adult already exists in live-action on the CW’s Superman & Lois. However, it would be great to see an onscreen adaption based on the new Son of Kal-El DC Comics run, which melds Kryptonian powers with Lois Lane’s award-winning journalism to create political intrigue and timely themes.


Vixen has a ton of screen time in Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. She even has her own self-titled DC animated series. But we’ve mostly seen Mari McCabe’s story. It would be awesome to follow more of Amaya Jiwe’s time in the Justice Society of America or the years spent protecting the Anansi totem in her village. In Legends of Tomorrow, Amaya returns to her original timeline, so her own story could elaborate more sans the quick wrap-up flashes we get from the CW series. And how cool would it be to watch a super hero show/film set in Africa? With everything usually set in the US or Europe, this would be the international growth we want and need.

Jo Mullein

Besides a Green Lantern live-action film that we don’t talk about , we don’t have much mainstream Green Lantern content on the screen. We think the next Lantern project of any color or kind should feature Sojourner “Jo” Mullein. One of the Green Lanterns who wield their powers through willpower, Jo is the protagonist of the DC Young Animal label Far Sector. Any movie or miniseries telling that story would surely be met with excitement, praise, and celebration.

Miss Martian

Miss Martian appears in the Young Justice animated series as well as CW’s Supergirl. She is a White Martian masquerading as a Green Martian, as the White Martians once slaughtered the Green Martian race. But M’gann M’orzz / Megan Morse is inherently good. She works with the Teen Titans for some time before pursuing heroism on her own. We would most want to see that hero-development story, or her time with Martian Manhunter as they search the stars to find other Martians. Because, let’s face it, too much super hero content is Earth and human based. Let’s go to space instead!


In DC Comics there are numerous Aqualads. Originally, a native Atlantean named Garth was Aqualad, the sidekick to Aquaman / Arthur Curry, but he eventually takes on the super hero name Tempest. Recently, two other heroes have taken up the title of Aqualad: Kaldur’ahm and Jackson Hyde.

Kaldur was created for the TV series Young Justice and Jackson, a human from New Mexico, exists in the comics. Both are the son of Black Manta. While Garth’s story is interesting, it is purposefully similar to that of Aquaman’s, involving persecution for Otherness in the Atlantis Kingdom. Jackson and Kaldur are a breath of fresh air (water?) for Aquaman lore, especially as they’re both successors to the Aquaman title. With the way the DCEU films are headed, it’s more likely we will see Jackson or Kaldur onscreen — hopefully in a way that establishes the Young Justice team in live action!


Titans’ Robin gets an upgrade as Nightwing in the most recent season. But this is a team show, and therefore doesn’t explore every single one of the Titans’ backgrounds in great depth. In an ideal world, of course, every Titan gets a solo film before coming together in one Justice League style team-up. But for now, we’d love a Nightwing in Blüdhaven, comic-inspired live-action series, even with different casting from the Titans show.

Damian Wayne

Speaking of Bat-Family members! Damian Wayne is the son of Bruce Wayne and League of Assassins leader Talia al Ghul. The fifth child to take on the Robin identity, Damian is often torn between his two bloodlines — one belonging to villains and the other belonging to heroes. While we’d ultimately love to see Damian in a Wayne Family Adventures Webtoon-esque show, any coming-of-age film or TV series exploring this kid’s struggles would be a fresh take on the Batman live-action franchise.

Harley Quinn

Fine, fine, Harley Quinn has already has her own fantabulous solo film. Plus she’s been featured in Suicide Squad and The Suicide Squad. And she has an animated series. Still, we think the Clown Princess of Crime could shine in a live-action HBO series à la Peacemaker. Or perhaps she, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman could team up for a Gotham City Sirens show. The possibilities are endless, especially when we can’t get enough of this vivacious villain.


The DCEU is doing a fabulous job of setting up its multiverse. So why stop at only different coexisting versions of Supergirl, The Flash, and Batman? Our next multiverse pitch is Nubia. Although Diana Prince AKA Wonder Woman and Nubia exist on Earth Prime together in the comics, Nubia has never appeared in the DC films, and the Amazons of Themyscira were all recently wiped out by Darkseid. Unless Nubia was guarding Doom’s Doorway underground, her only possible leap into DC live action is in a parallel world to Diana’s. However they introduce her into the cinematic universe, we are here for it.

Which DC Comics characters do you think deserve their own films or television series? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!