Disney+ Streaming Announcements, Liv Tyler Might Join She-Hulk Series, and more!

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Disney+ Streaming Announcements

Disney+ officially announced everything that will be coming to their streaming service so far. On top of the already announced Marvel shows, they’ll also have many more new adaptations of Home Alone, Don Quixote, High Fidelity, Muppets, Monsters Inc. and more. The Disney+ streaming service will premiere on November 12th.

Click on the tweet and scroll down to see the thread of everything they have planned.

Liv Tyler Might Join She-Hulk Series

Disney+ is developing their new She-Hulk series. Freelance journalist Daniel Richtman reported that there is a chance that they’ll bring back General Ross for the series, and possibly even bring back liv Tyler as Betty Ross. There is no further news about Disney+’s She-Hulk series at this time.

Burt Ward on Crisis on Infinite Earths Set

Hollywood North Buzz released a photo of Burt Ward on the set of the Arrowverse Crisis on Infinite Earths. The photo shows him in a sweater with the same colors as his Robin costume, and shows him with a German Shepherd in hand. The Arrowverse Crisis on Infinite Earths event will begin this December.

Dolittle Trailer

Warner Bros. released an official trailer for their upcoming movie Dolittle starring Robert Downey Jr. The trailer shows Dr. Dolittle embarking on a great journey on a ship, with a giraffe, a polar bear, and even whales all helping him along the way. Dolittle will flap, swim, and jump into theaters on January 17th.

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