Doctor Strange Villain Returns, Marvel’s Helstrom Logo Revealed, and more!

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Doctor Strange Villain Returns

Baron Mordo is confirmed to return for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. In an interview with Screen Rant, actor Chiwetel Ejiofor said that all he can tell us about the next movie is that he’s returning, and he’s very excited to get start filming. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will fly into theaters on March 25th, 2022.

Marvel’s Helstrom Logo Revealed

Marvel released the new logo from their upcoming series Helstrom. The logo spells out Helstrom in a stylized grunge font, and replaces the O in Helstrom with a burning pentagram. Helstrom will premiere on Hulu this October.

Wheel of Time Casting

Amazon has cast six new actors for their upcoming series adaptation of the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson. The Wheel of Time centers on the Aes Sedai Moiraine and her quest to stop the Dark One. In the process, she acts as a mentor to Mat, Rand al’Thor and Perrin Aybara; one of them is prophesised to be the Dragon Reborn. There is no further news about the Wheel of Time series at this time.

Onyx Equinox Trailer

Cruncyroll released their first trailer for their upcoming anime inspired series, Onyx Equinox, that focuses on Aztec culture and mythology. As the latest wave of otherworldly demons attacks the world, Izel gradually comes to understand that he’s been chosen to become humanity’s defender and wield a magical dagger that seems to transform when he exposes it to his blood. We’ll see the Gods at war when Onyx Equinox premieres on Crunchyroll this summer.

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