Ezra Miller and Grant Morrison Team Up for The Flash Film Script, Actor Chang Chen Joins the Dune Reboot, and More!

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Ezra Miller and Grant Morrison Team Up to Write The Flash Solo Film Screenplay

According to the Hollywood Reporter, actor Ezra Miller is partnering with comic writer Grant Morrison to write the screenplay for The Flash solo film. Miller reportedly wants a darker take on the source material, which would see him playing crimefighter Barry Allen. There are no further Flash movie details at this time.

Netflix Casts Lead in Warrior Nun Adaptation

Actress Alba Baptista has been cast in the lead role in Netflix’s upcoming adaptation of Warrior Nun. Based on a 90s comic series, Warrior Nun tells the story of a woman resurrected to fight in a secret war against demons. Other actors in the series include Toya Turner, Tristan Ulloa, Lorena Andrea, and more.

Empire Magazine Teases Men in Black: International Aliens in New Images

Empire Magazine has released a new image from this summer’s release of Men in Black: International. The image features the famous dancers Les Twins as a pair of shapeshifting aliens who can change their state of matter at will. Men in Black: International opens in theaters on June 14th.

Actor Chang Chen Cast as Dr. Yueh in Dune 2020

According to the Hollywood Reporter, actor Chang Chen has been cast in the upcoming Dune movie reboot from Legendary Entertainment. Chen will play Dr. Wellington Yueh, the physician to House Atreides. Production on Dune begins soon, and the film is scheduled to open in theaters on November 20th, 2020.

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