Fandom Connection Spotlight: Colin B.

Sideshow’s goal is to connect you with the characters you love and a community to share your passion with. That’s why we love to hear about how you embrace fandom in your daily life!

We want to feature you and your pop culture story through the Fandom Connection Spotlight, sharing true stories of global geeks just like you! We’ve asked collectors to tell us what pop culture means to them personally, and now we’re highlighting the heartwarming, nostalgia-filled fandom.

Hey there! Please introduce yourself.

My name is Colin B. I’m from South River, NJ, and I’m a major Star Wars fan.

Did someone like a family member, friend, or anyone else get you into pop culture?

My father unintentionally created my Star Wars fandom. My first computer game, my Dad brought home Star Wars: Dark Forces and I was absolutely hooked. Then the Special Editions came out in theaters and my Dad took me to each of the original trilogy. That really started it all.

What is your earliest geeky memory?

My earliest serious geek memory was The Phantom Menace™ release. I was 10 and it was the first time I actually waited to see a movie on the release day. My dad took me and we waited in line for hours. It was such an amazing experience because it was also the first time I saw people interacting in the theater. Cheering for scenes, clapping, shouting. It was something I never experienced in a movie theater before and it was amazing.

What are your favorite fandoms?

Star Wars is my absolute favorite. Evil Dead series. The Crow. Marvel. Harry Potter.

How do you engage with your fandoms?

I collect everything Star Wars. It started as a kid with the 3.75″ figures and then it moved on to basically anything and everything I could get my hands on. By far, sixth scale collectibles have become my absolute favorite. I also love Star Wars video games. There’s nothing better than popping on a VR headset and being able to use a lightsaber and Force powers and actually feel like I’m doing it. It’s absolutely exhilarating.

Have you ever traveled for a fandom related reason?

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to attend many conventions. It’s something I really hope to do in the future, especially Star Wars Celebration. But Sideshow Con and all the things at Sideshow bring me close to these types of events. It honestly helps me feel like I am a part of something during these events.

Do you have a favorite pop culture-related life experience?

My first time at Disney World was so amazing. Even though it was way before Galaxy’s Edge, seeing the Star Wars shops and Star Tours and the battle with Vader on stage, it was absolutely the greatest feeling in the world. There weren’t many people in my school that liked Star Wars like I did as a kid, so I sort of had to hide my geekiness. Only my very close friends even knew I was a secret geek.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I’d hate to sound like I’m just saying this for the heck of it, but the day I found Sideshow Collectibles, my geekiness really expanded to an unprecedented level. I found a community of thousands of people who love the same things I do and I never feel judged sharing my opinions or my geeky loves. All the events and shows help connect me to this geek world and let me feel like I’m a part of this massive geek consciousness.

My fandom love has just grown exponentially, so thank you for all that you bring to the community and thank you for making me feel like I am a part of something so wonderful!

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