Fandom Connection Spotlight: Jason T.

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We want to feature you and your pop culture story through the Fandom Connection Spotlight, sharing true stories of global geeks just like you! We’ve asked collectors to tell us what pop culture means to them personally, and now we’re highlighting the heartwarming, nostalgia-filled fandom.

Hey there! Please introduce yourself.

Hi, I’m Jason T. I am from Virginia, and I’m a fan of Star Trek, Marvel movies, DC Comics and animation, Star Wars™, the first two Ghostbusters movies, the first two Predator movies, the first three Alien movies, and Invader Zim.

Did someone like a family member, friend, or anyone else get you into pop culture?

Rather than say, “I got myself into pop culture,” I’m going to credit Avery Brooks and Keith David. I like Star Trek: The Next Generation, but I LOVED Deep Space Nine.

I also really loved HBO’s Spawn cartoon, which got me into the comics, which got me into collecting the action figures. That then developed into reading other comics and collecting action figures from other properties.

What is your earliest geeky memory?

It’s not my earliest geeky memory, but when my wife and I started dating in college, I discovered that she was also into Star Trek. She’s German, and after college I went out to Germany to live with her for half a year. I spoke very little German when I first got out there. VERY little. But there were Star Trek reruns dubbed into German with dialogue that I knew by heart (in English), which immensely helped me in learning the language.

What are your favorite fandoms?

My favorite fandoms include Star Trek, Star Wars, John Carpenter horror movies, and DC. I enjoy these things immensely, but they probably wouldn’t be part of my daily life if I weren’t a moderator for a toy collector forum (yes, those still exist). So I encounter discussions, reviews, and news about 6″-12″ plastic versions of characters from these properties every day.

How do you engage with your fandoms?

I started to answer this already. Before I was a moderator for that forum I mentioned, I was just a member, and I was a member because I am a collector. I also collect autographs in addition to toys, and I collect physical media, so I have a very large number of Blu-Rays and DVDs and comic books.

Do you have a favorite pop culture-related life experience?

My wife and I used to go to San Diego Comic Con almost every year. 2018 was the last year we were able to score badges. We couldn’t for 2019 or 2020. And then … yeah. Anyway, in 2019 we started going to other conventions (mostly regional East Coast/Mid-Atlantic shows). Every single one has a different vibe.

Have you ever traveled for a fandom-related reason?

For conventions, as mentioned before. We used to fly almost all the way from Washington, D.C. to San Diego almost every year for Comic Con. Then in 2019, all the more local cons were accessed via car or train.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I’ll share two more geeky memories — Batman Returns was the first movie I ever went to see in the theater by myself, and Alien 3 was the last movie I ever saw in a theater with both my parents. 1992 was an interesting year.

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