First Member of the Lord of the Rings Series Cast, New Trailer for Harley Quinn Animated Series, and more!

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First Member of the Lord of the Rings Series Cast

According to Variety, Amazon has cast actress Markella Kavenagh as a character named Tyra for their upcoming Lord the Rings series. The new Amazon series will take place in the Second Age of Middle Earth, when Sauron’s One Ring was created. There is no further news about Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series at this time.

New Trailer for Harley Quinn Animated Series


Warner Bros. TV has released an official San Diego Comic-Con trailer for the Harley Quinn animated series. The trailer gives us a glimpse into the R-Rated world of Harley Quinn as she takes on Gotham with some help from her villainous friends.  The Harley Quinn animated series is set to release in October 2019 on DC Universe.

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Young Justice: Outsiders Renewed for Season 4

DC Universe has announced that Young Justice: Outsiders has been renewed for a fourth season. Young Justice is an animated series that follows all of your favorite teenage superheroes, from Nightwing to Beast Boy. There is no further news about the fourth season of Young Justice: Outsiders at this time.

The Boys Renewed for Season 2 Before Premiere

Amazon Studios has renewed their upcoming series, The Boys, for a season two before the season one premiere. The Boys tells the story of a world where superheroes are out of control, and the group of regular humans who wants to expose their true nature to the world. Season one of The Boys will premiere on July 26th on Amazon Prime.

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