Geek Culture Countdown- Top 10 Alien Homeworlds!

Introducing a new podcast to the Geek SideShow lineup- we’re taking a peek into geek culture and counting off our Top 10 fandom favorites.  Let Your Geek SideShow presents… Geek Culture Countdown!

In this bi-weekly podcast, we’re picking topics from across all of fandom- best catchphrases, top telepaths, coolest hero headquarters, and more!  Join hosts Susan and Kitty as they count down a curated list of geek culture notables, and see if any of your favorites made the list!

This week, Susan and Kitty are on the case to find the Top 10 Alien Homeworlds in Geek Culture!  Listen to the full episode on below.  Be sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and Youtube, and leave a 5-star review if you enjoy the content!


Be sure to listen along to catch our reasoning behind these absolutely stellar choices- from the pages of Dune to the BBC network, we’ve filled this week’s Geek Culture Countdown with a solar system’s worth of selections!

Honorable Mentions- Power Battery Planets from Green Lantern

We the Power Battery Planets as this week’s honorable mention, covering an entire spectrum of Alien Homeworlds from the Green Lantern comics in the DC Universe.

10. Arrakis

Kitty claims Arrakis for the 10th spot on our list, from Frank Herbert’s sci-fi epic Dune.  Which real-world planet has a moon named after Arrakis?  Listen along to find out!

9. Drakulon

Susan puts fresh blood into the list with Drakulon at number 9, the storied homeworld of the vampiric vixen Vampirella!

8. Thundera

Thundera, ho!  The peaceful planet of the Thundercats claws its way into 8th place.

7. Kobol

Putting Kobol in 7th brings Battlestar Galactica into our countdown for this week.

6. Eternia/Etheria

Brother and sister planets share 6th on the countdown as we take a trip to the Masters of the Universe realm.

5. Qo’noS

Qo’noS comes in 5th, securing Star Trek a spot in the countdown.

4. Hala

The Marvel Universe makes its mark at number 4 with the homeworld of the Kree Empire, and home of heroes and villains like Mar-Vell and Ronan the Accuser.

3. Gallifrey

It’s about time Gallifrey appeared on the list- this fabled home of the Time Lords from Doctor Who takes the 3rd spot in our list.

2. Tatooine

Twin suns take 2nd as the countdown visits a galaxy far, far away with Tatooine!

1. Krypton

The ill-fated planet of Superman and the Kryptonians takes 1st on our list of Alien Homeworlds!  Find out why by listening along on iTunes or Youtube.

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