Geek Headlines – February 4th 2018

Here are today’s headlines from the world of geek news.

Today, February 4th, marks the 52nd annual Super Bowl, between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots. Here are some of the highlights from the upcoming Super Bowl commercials for 2018:

HBO will reveal the first full trailer for its sci-fi thriller Westworld Season 2 during the game. No release date for the new season has been given yet.

Amazon’s Alexa will get a commercial, starring celebrity guests like singer Cardi B, chef Gordon Ramsay, actress Rebel Wilson, and actor Anthony Hopkins.

Danny DeVito will star as a walking, talking, human M&M’s candy.

Black Panther stars Chadwick Boseman and Letitia Wright will feature in a Lexus car commercial that includes Black Panther film footage.

Doritos and Mountain Dew will throw down in a lip-sync battle that stars Peter Dinklage, Busta Rhymes, Morgan Freeman, and Missy Elliot.

NBC will air a new episode of the smash-hit show This Is Us after the Super Bowl ends, meaning the newest tearjerker promo for the show may appear.

Several films are expected to release trailers, including Mission: Impossible- Fallout, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Red Sparrow, and a possible Disney push.

All these commercials and more will air during the national broadcast of the Super Bowl, so be sure to keep an eye out!

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