Geek Headlines- Incredibles 2 Sneak Peek, The Death of Superman, DC’s Young Animal, and More!

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Disney-Pixar has shared a new teaser for Incredibles 2, which shows the family suiting up for trouble against the film’s new villain. While Mr. Incredible and Frozone head out to help Elastigirl, Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack steal the family car and join the action. Incredibles 2 opens in theaters on June 15th.

See the teaser here!

Warner Bros. Animation has released the first trailer for its upcoming feature The death of Superman. This film will adapt the pivotal 1990’s comic book story of the same name, where Kal-El lays down his life to protect Earth from the monster Doomsday. The Death of Superman arrives on home video this summer.

Check out the Death of Superman below!

Actor Kevin Bacon has shared a leaked trailer for his series Tremors, which was not picked up by the Syfy network. The network passed on the series after reviewing the pilot, which saw Bacon fighting off sandworms called Graboids. Hardcore fans are holding out hope that another network could revive Tremors, but for now, Syfy is leaving this series underground.

Singer Gerard Way confirmed this week that DC Comics is ending its first “pop-up” imprint Young Animal. The imprint was announced two years ago, and featured strange and unique stories that used elements of existing DC mythology in a new way. Series like Cave Carson Has An Interstellar Eye, Mother Panic, Shade the Changing Woman, and more will all come to an end this August.

Game developer Valve has announced that it will soon launch an app that allows players to stream games to their Android and iOS devices. This app, called Steam Link, will launch the week of May 21st, and will include streaming to phones, tablets, and even Apple TVs. Later this summer, Steam will also launch a video app that allows viewers to watch movies and television on the same mobile devices that can use Steam Link.

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