Geek Headlines- Luke Cage Season 2, Arrested Development Season 5, and More!

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The first trailer for Luke Cage season 2 has just premiered, giving fans their first look at a new villain for Harlem’s hero for hire. Actor Mustafa Shakir will play Bushmaster, a bulletproof bad guy who gives Luke a run for his money in the new footage. Luke Cage season 2 begins streaming on Netflix on June 22nd.

Watch the trailer here!

Developer Epic Games has hinted on Twitter that there will be a limited time event that combines Fortnight Battle Royale with Avengers: Infinity War. Gamers can find the fabled Infinity Gauntlet as a weapon in-game, which changes them into a playable version of the villain Thanos. Fortnight’s Marvel mashup event begins on May 8th.

Netflix has just released the official trailer for the long-awaited fifth season of Arrested Development. After the show’s fourth season received mixed reviews, the fifth season promises a return to classic Bluth family antics, and a “new new” beginning. Arrested Development season 5 begins streaming on Netflix on May 29th.

Watch the trailer below!

Christopher Rice, son of the author Anne Rice, has posted a tease of the script for the upcoming Vampire Chronicles television series. The series is currently titled “The Vampire Lestat” and the first episode is called “The Wolf Killer”. Paramount Television is overseeing the adaptation, although production has not officially started yet.

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