Get Pop Culture News on Your Phone With Alexa in the Amazon Shopping App!

Want to hear the day’s geek headlines specially curated for every level of fan, even while you’re on the move?  Then you’re ready to Let Your Geek SideShow with the Alexa feature in the Amazon Shopping App!

The Amazon Shopping App is available for both Android and iOS enabled mobile devices, and this free application features the ability to listen to Alexa Skills news briefings, including the free-to-enable Amazon Alexa Skill for Pop Culture & Movie News- Let Your Geek SideShow so you can get all the latest updates in a convenient and timely fashion.

To enable Alexa in the Amazon Shopping App, simply tap the microphone icon in the top of the screen.  Be sure to add Let Your Geek SideShow to your Flash Briefing by going to in any browser OR searching in the Amazon Shopping App browser on your mobile device.

  • In the menu, click on ‘Skills’
  • In the search bar search for ‘Geek Sideshow’
  • Click on ‘Let your Geek Sideshow’ and then click ‘Enable Skill’ to add it to your Flash Briefing.

Once set up, tap the microphone icon and simply say ‘Alexa, give me my news briefing.’  This will initiate your pop culture flash briefing, with our selection of the latest geek headlines in movies, comics, television, streaming, gaming, and more.

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Get ready to Let Your Geek SideShow with Pop Culture & Movie News from Alexa!