Hulk vs. Wolverine Movie Possible, New Black Widow Costumes, and more!

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Hulk vs. Wolverine Movie Possible

During a recent panel at Tokyo Comic Con, Mark Ruffalo revealed that he’s meeting with Disney’s Kevin Feige to discuss future Hulk in the MCU. He explained that he’d reallylike to work on a Hulk vs. Wolverine movie. There is no further news about the new Hulk film at this time.

New Black Widow Costumes

Marvel concept artist Andy Park shared two photos of Black Widow costume designs from Endgame. In his instagram, he confirmed that there will be two new costumes in the Black Widow Solo movie! Black Widow will hit theaters on May 1st, 2020.

Geoff Johns Working on the Green Lantern Film

DC has confirmed that writer Geoff Johns is set to work on the Green Lantern HBO series and the Green Lantern film. Johns, who is one of the most famous Green Lantern writers, explained that the film is still the priority for DC, so the film will get more of his attention. There is no further news about the Green Lantern film at this time.

New Trailer for Infinity Train Book 2

Cartoon Network released the trailer for Infinity Train Book 2. The trailer follows a new guest on the train, Jesse, and Tulip’s mirror image, who calls herself MT. Infinity Train Book 2 is coming soon to Cartoon Network.

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