Hulu Releases New Veronica Mars Season 4 Trailer, Titans Season 2 Casts Aqualad, and More!

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Hulu Debuts New Veronica Mars Trailer and Poster

Hulu has released a new official trailer for its upcoming revival of the popular detective series Veronica Mars starring Kristen Bell. The trailer gives fans a closer look at familiar faces from the original series like Ryan Hansen and Francis Capra, as well as newcomers like J.K. Simmons and Patton Oswalt. Veronica Mars Season 4 premieres on July 26th only on Hulu.

Check out the trailer here!

Pretty Little Liars Alum Cast as Aqualad in Titans

According to TV Insider, actor Drew Van Acker has been cast as the superhero Aqualad in Titans Season 2 on DC Universe. Aqualad is known as Aquaman’s sidekick who will likely step out of his mentor’s shadow to team up with heroes like Starfire, Raven, and Robin. Titans Season 1 is currently streaming on DC Universe, and Season 2 is in production.

Chance the Rapper, Aimee Mann, and More Lend Musical Talents to Steven Universe Movie

Musical powerhouses Chance the Rapper, Estelle, Patti LuPone and Aimee Mann are all set to contribute music to the upcoming film Steven Universe: The Movie. This musical animated feature is based on the popular Cartoon Network series created by Rebecca Sugar, about a race of gem warriors living on Earth. Steven Universe: The Movie hits DVD later this year.

Teaser Trailer for Rob Zombie’s 3 From Hell

Saban Films has released the first teaser trailer for filmmaker Rob Zombie’s upcoming film 3 From Hell. The film serves as a sequel to The Devil’s Rejects, and mysteriously brings the criminal family of killers back from the dead. 3 From Hell stars Sid Haig, Sheri Moon Zombie, Danny Trejo, and more and the film opens in theaters later this year.

See the teaser below!

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