Lex Luthor Headed to Supergirl Season 4 on the CW, Showtime Releases Black Monday Trailer, and More!

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Actor Michael B. Jordan is set to star in and produce The Silver Bear, an upcoming film from Lionsgate. Based on a book trilogy, The Silver Bear tells the story of a hitman who rises to become the most feared and respected assassin in the criminal underworld. The Silver Bear currently has no release date.


Actor Dwayne Johnson has shared an official tease of the logo and new release date for Disney’s Jungle Cruise film based on the popular Disneyland ride. The film stars Johnson and Emily Blunt, on a riverboat mission to find a magical tree hidden in the jungle. According to the official Instagram post, the film will be released on July 24th, 2020.

The CW has confirmed that the iconic DC villain Lex Luthor is on his way to National City in Supergirl Season 4. After teasing his presence since the very first season, producers have announced that casting for Lex is currently underway, and he will shake things up for not only Supergirl, but also his sister Lena Luthor. Supergirl Season 4 airs on Sunday nights on the CW.

Showtime has released the official trailer for its upcoming comedy series Black Monday, starring Don Cheadle. The 10-episode series will focus on the infamous real-world financial incident that is widely known as the worst day in Wall Street history. Black Monday premieres on Showtime on January 20th.

See the trailer below!  (Warning for explicit language.)

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