Marvel Comics’ Lawyers: Jennifer Walters vs Matt Murdock

Lawyers by day, vigilantes by nightย  โ€” and sometimes the other way around! This describes two of Marvel’s most popular New York City-based super heroes. Daredevil (Matt Murdock) and She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters) are both skilled with their fists as well as their words. And they each have to wrestle with the justice system in more ways than one.

Below, let’s look at some of Matt and Jen’s biggest cases, as well as their strengths and weaknesses in and outside of the courtroom.

The Good

Defending Peter Parker โ€“ Matt Murdock

Eventually, Matt Murdock will go on to defend Spider-Man in a high-profile civil suit case. But his first legal interaction with Spidey comes before he knows they’re already super hero allies. Peter Parker gets arrested for trespassing while acting as a Daily Bugle reporter and photographer. Naturally, J. Jonah Jameson refuses to help the kid. So Matt Murdock steps in to defend Peter, eventually helping to clear his name in court with some stealthily obtained evidence.

Defending Captain America โ€“ Jennifer Walters

It’s hard to believe, but Matt Murdock and Jennifer Walters never faced each other in court … until very recently. In She-Hulk’s solo run, she defends Captain America against a wrongful death suit. Her opponent is none other than Daredevil. Later they reconcile all this โ€” as it turns out, Cap asked Matt to take the case โ€” but it causes quite a stir! Still, it’s a great victory for Jen, who sticks to her morals and to her friends during the entire trial.

The Bad

Suing a Newspaper โ€“ Matt Murdock

Secret identities are always found out. At one point, Kingpin helps a newspaper get ahold of fake documents that “prove” Matt is Daredevil. Such mind-boggling breaking news hits stands immediately. Matt, enraged, sues the newspaper for libel. We get it โ€” Matt wants to protect his identity. But he seriously incriminated a legitimate business for telling the truth. Not cool.

Hulking Out on the Job โ€“ Jennifer Walters

We don’t mean to say it’s an issue that Jen went to court in green form. We actually think it’s rather becoming. What we’re more concerned by is Jen’s frequent courtroom interruptions โ€” especially during a case as important as defending mutant rights and arguing against the registration act. These interruptions aren’t her fault, but Jen keeps having to leave the trial to deal with Titania outside the courthouse. Jen eventually loses her temper in quite a shocking way, scaring Titania and undermining some of her credibility in the courtroom.

The Ugly

Punishing Pyromania โ€“ Matt Murdock

During this case, Matt’s lines between lawyer and Daredevil begin to blur. After being hired to kill Matt, a weak villain called Pyromania breaks into the Nelson & Murdock offices. Matt easily subdues Pyromania, who is then arrested. In prison Pyromania is subject to inhumane treatment by the staff, and he thus hires Matt Murdock to represent him. Except Matt treats Pyromania terribly, saying he belongs in prison and then beating the villain up himself. We all know Matt has some anger issues, but this clearly went too far.

Representing Doctor Doom โ€“ Jennifer Walters

This one is tricky. And it certainly isn’t as unbecoming as Matt Murdock’s mistake with Pyromnia. But, during her lawyering days in New York, Jen takes on Doctor Doom as a client. He’s seeking political asylum and legal immigration status after defecting from Latveria. Despite all the evil that Doctor Doom has done over the years, Jen helps him. It’s certainly a complicated case that leads to tumultuous feelings inside her, as well as disagreements with longtime friends who hate Doom.

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