Moon Knight Episode 2 Breakdown – “Summon the Suit”

Last week on Moon Knight, viewers were introduced to Steven Grant just as his life fell into chaos thanks to Khonshu. Under the influence of the Egyptian moon god, Steven’s body was controlled by a mercenary named Marc Spector. To make matters worse, a fanatical man named Arthur Harrow is pursuing Steven while his sanity is brought further into question. Plus nobody gets his name right. Like, ever.

Episode 2 of Moon Knight, “Summon the Suit,” continues Steven’s struggle with his multiple identities and even introduces yet another familiar suit. Hit that security footage and let’s review all the head-splitting action of the latest Moon Knight installment.

Mad as a Moon Knighter

Yet again, Steven Grant wakes up to a mess left behind by the mysterious Marc. Steven is increasingly frustrated with himself and his loosening grip on reality. He rushes to the museum, where he finds J.B. to watch security footage from the night before. He’s certain that the whole showdown with Arthur Harrow and the jackal will be caught on camera, assuring J.B. to keep watching. Surely the footage will confirm that everything from episode 1 was some sort of misunderstanding. Soon, however, it becomes clear that there was no such beast nor any trace of Arthur. At least, that’s what the cameras say.

Next, Steven must meet with the HR department of the National Art Gallery of London. Because of how it appears in the security footage, Steven is being blamed for all the damage to the museum. While he is offered mental health services from HR, Steven is also fired. In his dismay he finds his way back to Crowley the street performer. He confides in Crowley how strange everything seems before resolving to dive in and investigate. As he hugs Crowley to thank him for the advice, we see Crowley break character and he allows his eyes to shift toward Steven. Even Crowley the kindly street mime is now more than he seems to be.

The Man in the Mirror

After looking all over the city, Steven arrives at a fifth public storage building. He tries one last time to see if this is perhaps where his key leads, and as luck would have it there is a locker here under his name. As he is led to locker #43, two Easter eggs pop up for an appearance. First, the QR code, like the one in found in episode 1, leads to a free digital Moon Knight comic from Marvel. Second, the number 43 carries potential significance for future Moon Knight team-ups. Moon Knight #43 featured Moon Knight fighting alongside Black Knight, and given Dane Whitman’s recent Eternals appearance and the upcoming Blade film, it is possible this alludes to some sort of Midnight Sons incarnation in the future.

Within the locker, Steven discovers an empty cot along with bins and a duffel bag. When he opens the bag, Steven pulls out a gun, multiple wads of currency, a U.S. passport for Marc Spector, and the golden scarab. The scarab then lifts from Steven’s hand and extends its wings outward. Without warning, Marc appears in the wall’s reflection to explain the Avatar of Khonshu’s mission: “We protect the vulnerable and deliver Khonshu’s justice to those who hurt them.” Still, Steven refuses to trust Marc or surrender control to him.

Divorce Court

After refusing Marc and a terrifying hallway encounter with Khonshu, Steven bursts onto the street. He’s nearly run over by a motorbike, and the rider turns out to be Layla, who has tracked him using his reactivated phone. She doesn’t believe his Steven persona but nonetheless takes him back to his flat.

Slowly, details of Marc’s connection to Layla begin to surface. While Steven is fairly certain he does not know Layla, he’s able to quote “Apart,” a poem by her favorite poet, Marceline Desbordes-Valmore. The lines refers to a lover’s sadness in the absence of their beloved. Most importantly, Layla is married to Marc. Also importantly, Marc has asked for a divorce.

Just as Steven is about to tell Layla about the scarab, Marc intervenes. He warns Steven that this knowledge will put Layla’s life in danger. Though Steven attempts to backtrack, Layla discovers the scarab, which she explains is a compass to Ammit’s ushabti (a funerary figurine placed alongside a mummy in their tomb). Suddenly, a knock is heard at the door.

Avatar: The Last Moon Knight

Two investigators by the names of Fitzgerald and Kennedy begin questioning Steve. Fortunately, Layla escapes through the window to evade them. After discovering Marc’s passport, they drive Steven away, during which we’re given more of Marc’s backstory as a mercenary. Apparently, he brutally executed an archaeological expedition, one of many crimes for which he is wanted. This further causes Steven to distrust Marc’s voice in his head.

Eventually, Steven is taken to Arthur Harrow and the refuge he has built. On the outside, his makeshift community appears to be a hidden utopia. But his followers closely mirror his mood shifts, laughing in the background as Harrow makes a joke or surrounding Steven menacingly when Harrow demands the scarab. It’s almost as if they’re all under Harrow’s control.

This whole time, Harrow is attempting to sway Steven, as well. Somehow, he seems to know what Khonshu is whispering inside Steven’s head, especially the bit about serving “real justice.” Harrow assures Steven he doesn’t have to listen to Khonshu. In a shocking twist, Harrow reveals he was formerly the Avatar of Khonshu. That is, until he discovered the path of Ammit, who “will light the path to good by eradicating the choice of evil.”

Psycho Colonel Sanders

Steven listens to Harrow’s pitch but questions Ammit’s methods. On the other hand, Harrow insists that Khonshu is a liar, that there will always be one last thing to do and the Avatar’s commitment will never truly end. Like his opinion of Marc, Steven is unconvinced he should listen to Harrow. Right when Harrow brandishes his cane, a powerful gift from Ammit to her Avatar, Layla shows up with the missing scarab. She urges Steven to summon the suit, but when he hesitates they begin a hasty escape.

Harrow conjures another jackal to pursue Steven and Layla, and it corners them in an upstairs room. Somehow, Layla is unable to see the jackal. Even in the face of death by mystical beast, Steven cannot surrender to Marc. He’s pushed out the window by the jackal but as he falls through the air and hits his head, Steven calls out for the suit. Enter the Mr. Knight suit.

Inside Job

Steven’s fall is broken by his transformation into a new Avatar form that Marc does not recognize. The outfit is a visual reference to the Mr. Knight persona of Secret Avengers. Also of note, the bus that Mr. Knight smashes into is labeled WBN 0032, another reference to Werewolf By Night #32. Although Steven/Mr. Knight is able to throw some good punches against the jackal, he and Layla are quickly overpowered. To save Layla and the gathering onlookers (none of whom see the jackal), Steven finally gives in to Marc. Moon Knight is unleashed and he leads the jackal on a rooftop chase as the glowing moon looms in the background.

After leaps and bounds across London, Moon Knight impales the jackal on a church spire. When Moon Knight checks for the scarab, he realizes it’s gone. Meanwhile, Layla looks on as a man in the street finds the scarab only to be killed by Harrow.

All Roads Lead to Cairo

Back at the churchyard, Steven realizes he is stuck in a reflection just like Marc once was. Marc notes that something has changed in his powers, and now the person in charge of the body holds the power. Their argument with each other escalates until Marc smashes the glass and silences Steven.

Khonshu appears and questions Marc’s ability to carry out their deal. Like his Avatar, Khonshu is unpredictable, telling Marc he’s worth protecting then a second later threatening Layla. The moon god has his eyes set on her as a replacement Avatar should Marc fail. When Marc asks Khonshu what’s next, the god sweeps his Avatar across the sea, where he wakes up in Cairo.

As Moon Knight continues to rise on screens, we’re beginning to see the creation of a rich web of international intrigue, mythological mystery, and action-packed adventure. Now that Marc is in Cairo, we might get even more flashbacks to his life with Layla, his connections to Duchamp and Crawley, as well as his initial deal with Khonshu.

For even more official details from Marvel, check out their behind the scenes info here about everything Moon Knight. What was your favorite moment from episode 2? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!