Moon Knight Episode 3 Breakdown – “The Friendly Type”

Last week on Moon Knight, Steven Grant faced the consequences of Marc Spector’s past. Viewers watched as Steven and Marc fought for control, Layla El-Faouly fought for the scarab, and Arthur Harrow fought for understanding. Only Arthur seemed to get his way.

Episode 2 ended with Marc Spector taking over “the body.” He traveled to Cairo in order to locate Ammit’s tomb. Moon Knight episode 3, “The Friendly Type,” picks up in the sun-drenched capital city of Egypt.

Layla’s Homecoming

This episode of Moon Knight starts out, as the pilot did, with a different character than our protagonist. Layla El-Faouly is getting a new counterfeit passport made by a former associate of her father. She also expresses some of her frustrations about her estranged husband.

During this conversation between Layla and the forger, a new mystery is introduced into our plot: Layla’s father is dead, and murdered at that. Layla also isn’t going to be welcome when she returns to Egypt. Still, she takes the passport and heads home.

Moon Knight to a Knife Fight

Next, we do travel to Egypt, but not with Layla. Surrounded by his many followers, Arthur Harrow uses the scarab to locate Ammit’s tomb. But we don’t linger on this scene for long. Instead we jump to Marc Spector as he leaps across buildings. Is he in pursuit or being pursued? Soon he stops to insult a group of men for killing Marc’s informant. The four men engage in a vicious fight, and Marc notably hesitates to punch the youngest assailant, instead choosing to slap him. By accident, Marc spies his reflection in a glinting knife and the fight takes a surprising turn.

Upset by the violence, the pacifist Steven forces Marc to surrender the body. This is the first time we’ve seen Steven be able to take control like this — before, he was mostly unaware of his other personality and even when he went “on the inside,” he couldn’t overpower Marc. It’s definitely an interesting and important development in their relationship.

Out of Options

Because Steven is trying to skip town and Marc keeps losing control, they both can’t get what they need. Additionally, there seems to be another personality — or perhaps Khonshu — shaking things up in the body. Marc falls away and when he comes to, all of his enemies are dead. Their wounds are brutal, too. Marc accuses Steven of this violence but Steven insists it wasn’t him. We obviously believe Steven, so who could it be? If Mr. Knight isn’t a separate personality, is it Jake Lockley? Or Khonshu taking over totally?

In any case, Marc’s gap-filled memory and time loss are really messing up his mission. Soon, Harrow will have opened up Ammit’s tomb. With nowhere else to turn, he asks Khonshu to signal the gods. Khonshu then blocks out the sun to get their attention. He calls it a bad idea. What happens next confirms that it very much is a bad idea to anger the other gods.

Meeting of the Ennead

Khonshu’s theatrics sure do the trick. A portal opens in Cairo, carrying Marc Spector to a meeting of the Ennead. Meanwhile, Steven geeks out that they’re inside the Great Pyramid of Giza. And there Marc meets the earthly Avatars of the other Egyptian gods: Osiris, Isis, Tefnut, and Horus. Also among them is a woman named Yatzil, who serves Hathor. Hathor is the goddess of music and love, and also claims to be an old friend of Khonshu’s — she hints at possibly an intimate friendship. Yatzil kindly steps in to relieve Marc’s growing confusion before the trial.

In front of the gathered Ennead, Khonshu (using Marc’s voice) accuses Arthur Harrow of attempting to free Ammit. Arthur Harrow is subsequently summoned and tried, though the gods quickly turn on Khonshu when Moon Knight’s smooth-talking enemy endears himself to this gullible pantheon. The Ennead finds Harrow innocent, and Khonshu guilty of abusing his Avatar.

Small Victories and Vindication

Although this scene obviously doesn’t go our hero’s way, there is one victory amid the chaos. Marc admits he is unwell. He tells the gods that he needs help, and is hurting. This is a vital step in his own mental health journey. Does it come at a bad time? Absolutely. Yet it is also a necessary recognition that will only better his life moving forward.

Another small win occurs when Marc gains an ally. After the trial, Yatzil/Hathor meets Marc secretly, promising aide and friendship. She advises Marc to find Senfu’s sarcophagus. According to legend, Senfu took with him a map to Ammit’s tomb.

Mogart, Mo Problems

After Marc fails to gather information about Senfu in the streets, Layla drops in. Despite Marc’s protests, she convinces him to follow her lead to a man named Mogart. As they travel to Mogart, Layla extracts a (flimsy) apology from Marc and they share a few heartfelt moments traveling over the river. They reminisce about their past together and each, in their own way, tries to console the other. Their tender moment is cut short by Marc’s reluctance to open up and their arrival at Mogart’s mansion.

Ironically, Layla and Marc pose as a couple on their honeymoon. They are greeted by Bek, an associate of Mogart, who already knows Layla and mentions that Mogart is anxious to discuss what happened “back in Madripoor.” Anton Mogart, the wealthy eccentric with access to a priceless historical collection, is immediately distrustful of Marc. He leads them to the sarcophagus of Senfu so they can inspect the relic. While Layla can confirm it’s legitimate, they need Steven’s expertise to decipher the map.

Return to Senfu

With Steven’s help, Marc begins to arrange the cartonnage (a funerary mask made of papyrus) into a constellation map to Ammit’s tomb. Bek intervenes however, and Mogart steps in to settle things once and for all. Just as tensions are reaching their peak, Harrow arrives. The mission quickly goes from messy to failure. Harrow hints to Layla that Marc isn’t telling her everything about her father’s murder. His words sow distrust between Layla and Marc, and he convinces Anton to side with him.

From a nearby rooftop, Khonshu urges Marc to summon the suit. Moon Knight is called upon as he and Layla take down Harrow’s followers. While Moon Knight provides the distraction, Layla sneaks off to grab Senfu’s cartonnage map — and expertly fends off Bek using her necklace. Over in the El-Mermah playing grounds, Moon Knight shows off even more of his deadly combat prowess, including his signature crescent darts and his iconic cape.

Of course, Steven attempts to take over with Mr. Knight to stop the violence, but he quickly brings Moon Knight back in when he’s overpowered. Just as it seems Moon Knight might be defeated, Layla runs in but is ambushed by Mogart. Moon Knight throws a crescent dart at Mogart as he escapes, and Khonshu reminds Marc that time is running out. Interestingly, the clock Khonshu stands upon strikes midnight, a possible nod to Mogart’s comic book transformation into Midnight Man.

Look to the Stars

Once Marc and Layla escape to the desert, they try to piece together Senfu’s cartonnage map. However, their efforts are unsuccessful without Steven. Although he is frustrated at having to rely on his “weaker” side, Marc gives in to Steven so the map can be deciphered. Steven and Layla share a sweet but brief reunion before Steven figures out that the map leads to coordinates using star positions. Modern GPS technology owes its invention to ancient Egyptians, after all.

Unfortunately, since the map was created, the stars have long since shifted. Khonshu, however, remembers what the sky looked like on the night the map was drawn. With his Avatar’s help, he turns the sky backward so Ammit’s tomb can be located. This act of defiance also forces the Ennead to finally imprison Khonshu in stone.

Just as Layla is able to pinpoint the tomb’s coordinates, the Ennead’s punishment is complete. Khonshu is sent to his stone prison and Steven/Marc lose their connection to the moon god. Back in the Ennead’s temple, Osiris’ Avatar leads Harrow to Khonshu’s statue. He tells the moon god that he is grateful for all the pain Khonshu brought him: “Your torment forged me.”

For even more official details from Marvel, check out their behind the scenes info here about everything Moon Knight. Soon, we might get more insight into the Ennead’s complex infrastructure, as well as a closer look at Marc’s past. And, most importantly, Ammit’s resurrection looms ominously on the horizon. Plus, there’s still that nagging question — is there a third personality taking over?

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