Moon Knight Season Finale Breakdown – “Gods and Monsters”

Finally, the last episode of Moon Knight has arrived to answer our burning questions and give some resolution to Marc and Steven’s perilous journey together. Previously, in episode 5, Marc and Steven had to reconcile their shared trauma and find a way to move forward. Episode 6 brings these two identities together seamlessly in the last battle against Harrow and Ammit.

Titled “Gods and Monsters,” the sixth episode brings in a colossal showdown between ancient deities, poignant transformations, and a post-credits scene that has everybody talking. Let’s dive back in to that treacherous tomb.

The Cold Light of Death

As “The End” by Earl Grant plays, we’re returned to Alexander the Great’s tomb. At his command, Arthur Harrow’s followers retrieve Ammit’s ushabti from the bullet-riddled body of Marc Spector, Steven Grant, and “whoever else might be in there,” as Harrow puts it. With statue in hand, Harrow and his followers prepare to leave the tomb.

From behind a pillar, Layla watches the scene unfold. Though she takes down a follower, she realizes she is outnumbered and remains hidden as Harrow’s cane transforms with the growing power of Ammit. Once they’re gone from the tomb, Layla allows herself a brief moment of mourning. She kneels over Marc and Steven’s body, kissing his forehead before sliding his body back into the water and taking the scarab compass from his chest. The scarab levitates from Layla’s palm and spreads its wings.

Dead Man Talking

Out in the desert, Harrow’s caravan races back to Cairo. They’re stopped by soldiers at a checkpoint on the road. Harrow and his followers exit their vehicles and the soldiers begin to shout for their orders to be followed. With his newly empowered cane, Harrow passes judgement on all of the soldiers’ souls at once. Only one man remains standing and, under Harrow’s control, he lets the caravan proceed.

Amid all the chaos, Layla emerges in disguise from a car in the back. She takes out a knife and begins to approach Harrow, who seems to sense some sort of disturbance. Suddenly, Taweret’s voice emerges from a dead man’s body. She warns Layla not to confront Harrow yet, as he’s too powerful. Taweret offers Layla the chance to be her Avatar, but Layla turns Taweret down. Instead, the hippo goddess instructs Layla to return to the Chamber of the Gods and free Khonshu so Marc/Steven can return to life.

An Offer She Can Refuse

Harrows entourage reaches the Chamber of the Gods. Inside, he easily overthrows the Ennead with Ammit’s power. He smashes her ushabti and releases the Devourer of Souls at last. Once freed, Ammit says to Harrow, “Your scales lack balance.” Though he is disappointed, Harrow insists he is at the mercy of Ammit’s judgement. He will sacrifice himself so her divine purpose can be fulfilled.

Instead, Ammit tells Harrow that she’s already had a perfectly balanced Avatar in the past — and she was imprisoned as a result. She now seeks an Avatar like Harrow. With that, Harrow is annointed as Ammit’s Avatar.

Meanwhile, Layla is elsewhere in the chamber retrieving Khonshu’s ushabti. She finds the statue and smashes it to free Khonshu, who offers to make her his new Avatar. Layla refuses without hesitation. She tells the moon god she will not enslave herself like Marc did and that Khonshu must find another way. Frustrated, Khonshu leaves to confront Ammit.

When Two Become One

As all this is happening in the realm of the living, Marc stands in the peaceful quiet of the Field of Reeds. Taweret appears to congratulate him. However, Marc can’t enjoy paradise knowing that Steven is stuck in the Duat. Despite Taweret’s protests, Marc leaves A’Aru to save Steven.

In a split second, Marc is back in the midnight dunes of the Duat. He finds Steven’s petrified form and delivers a moving speech. Marc tells Steven that he was there for him when he needed him most, saving him from the despair of loneliness and pain. That’s why, Marc says, he’ll never abandon Steven — “You are the only real superpower I ever had.” Marc’s body begins to petrify and he joins hands with Steven one last time. Their reunion ignites an unforeseen change.

Behind them, the Gates of Osiris miraculously open and their bodies are released from their sandy imprisonment. They race together toward the now-closing gates to return to the realm of the living as a massive wave of sand threatens to crush them. At the very last second, Taweret swoops in on her ship to buy them some time. They reach the gates but for a split second we’re left wondering, did only Steven make it through?

On the Wings of an Avatar

Marc’s eyes snap open and arms flail in the tomb’s waters. A flashback montage takes us back through Marc’s initial deal with Khonshu before we see him rise again as Moon Knight. The Avatar meets Khonshu outside, where, for the first time, Marc and Steven seamlessly transition through control of the body. Via Mr. Knight, Steven strikes a deal for release from Khonshu rather than letting the god be in control.

Though Marc and Steven have been successfully reunited, chaos continues to unfold with Harrow and Ammit. Harrow’s group heads for Cairo while Layla confers with Osiris’ dying Avatar. He tells Layla that Ammit can only be defeated if she is tethered to a mortal form within the chamber. But to do that, Khonshu’s Avatar will need some backup.

In desperation, Layla appeals to Taweret. She accepts her offer to become the goddess’ Avatar, the MCU’s first Egyptian hero Scarlet Scarab. Soon, both Scarlet Scarab and Moon Knight are hurtling toward Cairo to stop Harrow.

The Power of Choice

Atop a pyramid near the city, Harrow begins to enthrall the people of Cairo in Ammit’s judgement. Down in the streets, his followers begin to perform the scales ritual with anyone they can get their hands on. Ammit grows in size as souls are sent flying up into her mouth.

Now, the final showdowns begin. Moon Knight swoops in to interrupt Harrow’s incantation while Khonshu and Ammit face off in their colossal forms above the city. Scarlet Scarab arrives to help Moon Knight in his fight against Harrow. Ammit questions Khonshu why he fights when he knows he will fail, to which the moon god replies, “Because it’s my choice, the very thing you take away.”

Tag, You’re Ammit

In this fight among Avatars, there are significant details to note. First, Marc and Steven continue to smoothly transition between control of the body as they fight Harrow, and Mr. Knight’s combat skills have greatly improved — presumably due to his improved connection with Marc/Moon Knight. Layla’s new Avatar form is also important in its connection to the scarab. In Egyptian mythology, the scarab is a symbol of Ra, the sun god. Combined with Taweret’s protection of women, Layla’s Scarlet Scarab is a powerful complement to Moon Knight.

Eventually, Harrow and Ammit gain the upper hand. Nearby, Layla is showered in bullets while Harrow begins to extract Marc/Steven’s soul. Suddenly, we see the familiar visual of their body being overcome by an identity’s takeover. The next scene shows Harrow defeated and the street utterly destroyed. Harrow’s body is quickly taken back to the Chamber of the Gods.

Differences in Belief

Within the chamber, Layla and Marc/Steven begin the spell to bind Ammit to Harrow’s mortal body. Khonshu commands his Avatar to kill Harrow and finally defeat Ammit. Layla intervenes and reminds Marc/Steven that they have a choice. They tell Khonshu to do it himself and with that, they’re released.

Steven and Marc are back in Dr. Harrow’s office. But they notice Harrow’s bloody footprints. While Marc and Steven continue to further unite, everything unravels for Harrow. One last “Laters, gators,” sends them both back into the London flat.

Nobody Likes a Backseat Driver

After a few minutes of credits, a post-credits scene begins. Harrow is in a hospital very similar to the one Marc and Steven were in. He even has visions reminding him of the desert when a cup of tea is also a cup of sand. From behind, a Spanish-speaking man appears to wheel Harrow away. He leads Harrow outside and roughly deposits him in a waiting car.

Inside the car, Khonshu appears. Harrow is not impressed, not even a bit scared, until the moon god introduces Harrow to his new friend: Jake Lockley. Khonshu now sees that Marc was more troubled than he initially thought, In this case, that’s a good thing since Khonshu can still maintain his Avatar through Jake. As Frank Sinatra’s “My Way of Life” begins to play, Jake turns around from the driver’s seat and shoots Harrow.

For even more official details from Marvel, check out their behind the scenes info here about everything Moon Knight. The Moon Knight finale certainly answered fans’ week-after-week question of whether Jake Lockley would appear. But with Marvel’s recent switch from categorizing episode 6 as a series finale to a season finale, a new question arises: Will we get a season 2 of Moon Knight?

What was your favorite moment from “Gods and Monsters?” If there was a season 2, what do you most want to see? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!