New Story Trailer for Iron Man VR, Kamala Khan Joins Marvel’s Avengers, and more!

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New Story Trailer for Iron Man VR

Playstation released a story trailer for Marvel’s Iron Man VR. The trailer reveals the villain of the game, a cybernetic hacker named Ghost, who is acting as a voice for the victims of Tony Stark’s violence and Stark Industries’ weapons. Marvel’s Iron Man VR will be released on Playstation VR on February 28, 2020.

Kamala Khan Joins Marvel’s Avengers

Marvel released a New York Comic Comic Announcement trailer for their upcoming Marvel’s Avengers video game featuring Kamala Khan. The trailer follows Kamala as she helps unravel the global conspiracy behind A-Day, and shows her intelligence, optimism, and of course her ability to embiggen. Marvel’s Avengers will be released on May 15th, 2020.

New Trailer for Rick and Morty Season 4

Adult Swim released a new trailer for season 4 of Rick and Morty. The trailer reveals very little about the plot of the upcoming season, but shows short clips from the upcoming 5 episodes as Rick and Morty go back to adventuring. Rick and Morty Season 4 will premiere on November 10th on Adult Swim.

New Trailer for Netflix’s Klaus

Netflix released a new trailer for their upcoming 2D animated movie, Klaus. Klaus follows Jesper, a post man, teaming up with the mysterious toymaker Klaus, to bring selflessness back into the grumpiest town in the world, Smeerensburg. Klaus will premiere on Netflix on November 15th.

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