POLL: What’s Your Favorite 2022 Comic Book?

Happy National Comic Book Day! We probably say this every year (which is proof that there are some amazingly talented writers and artists out there!) but 2022 really had a lot of great comic books. Of course, under this umbrella we’ve including new monthly series as well as graphic novels. A medium as varied as comics shouldn’t be limited — especially with excellent choices like we’ve seen debut this year.

Before we dive into some of the most exciting crossover events from Marvel and DC, as well as thrilling new titles from other publishers, we’d like to know: What’s been your favorite comic book of 2022?

After taking the poll, keep scrolling for an in-depth look at some of this year’s comic book highlights. There’s definitely something for every kind of reader and fan!

2022 Comic Book Releases

Listen, it’s a full time job keeping up with one comic book series, let alone the piles and piles of new books that are released every week and month throughout the year. But there are worse hobbies to have! At least comic books expand our minds and keep our hearts racing. Yeah, that’s right — comic books are like intellectual cardio. Gotta keep that imagination in shape.

Anyway, let’s take a look at this year’s new releases, continuing universes, and mainstream super hero crossover events. First up, Marvel and DC, then an overview of some other titles that don’t (completely) rely on capes and super-powers.

Marvel’s Big 2022 Releases

Marvel’s mutants have been busy stirring up a whole lot of action over on Krakoa. While Storm and Magneto are earning leadership among the Arakko in X-Men Red, the Quiet Council is facing a massive assault from the Eternals during AXE. Not to be left out, the Avengers are caught in the middle.

Kieron Gillen is spearheading this Marvel crossover event, having set up the events in Immortal X-Men. The stakes have never been higher for the X-Men as the world remains divided: Have mutants been too selfish with their power?

Outside of Krakoa, Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto’s Devil’s Reign book details the political struggle for New York. Kingpin is mayor and he has furthered the restrictions against super-powered vigilantes — but Daredevil and Luke Cage are determined to free their city from Kingpin’s corruption, no matter what it costs.

DC’s Big 2022 Releases

Over at DC Comics, there’s another large-scale crossover event happening, the latest Crisis series called Dark Crisis. As the Omniverse once again resets, some its most famous (and infamous) figures are enjoying revitalized stories. Batman’s Rogues Gallery will also be featured in an ongoing one-shot series called Batman: One Bad Day while Poison Ivy’s solo series from G. Willow Wilson has been renewed for a second run.

The DC Trinity is also featured in Dark Knights of Steel, a medieval alternate universe where our heroes and villains appear in fascinating new versions. And last but not least, this year’s DC Pride anthology is an especially moving collection of stories that highlight new voices, familiar favorites, and powerful themes.

Wash Day Diaries (Chronicle Books)

Sometimes, it’s nice to just settle down and enjoy a slice-of-life story. Just regular people doing everyday stuff, interacting with each other and discovering life’s small truths. And one of the most important parts of the every day is our rituals. For Black women, this includes wash day.

Kim, Tanesha, Davene, and Cookie are four best friends living in the Bronx. They all meet up on wash day to care for their hair and let their stories intertwine. The result is a beautiful selection of shorts from writer Jamila Rowser and artist Robyn Smith that share the deep intimacy our rituals can create.

Monkey Meat (Image Comics)

Juni Ba’s Monkey Meat tackles two subjects that have defined our world in the last few decades: capitalism and climate change. Following his debut graphic novel, the West African-inspired Djeliya, Juni Ba combines his eye-catching art style with an amalgamation of genres. There’s social commentary on the menace of big corporations, there’s the far-reaching effects of mass production, and there are even demons and magic. Monkey Meat will having you asking for seconds, for sure.

Love Everlasting (Image Comics)

With a title like that, you know it’s going to be epic. Love Everlasting, from writer Tom King and artist Elsa Charretier, has its finger on the pulse of a bloody, beating heart. Each chapter contains twists and turns, plenty of explosive romance, and Charretier’s art feels like a pop art-infused pulp fiction book in the best way. People often say their love will live on through death but … is that a promise we’re really willing to see through? This comic will have you second guessing whether love is truly meant to last forever.

Clementine (Skybound Comet)

It’s a daunting task to create an entry for an established franchise such as The Walking Dead, but Tillie Walden’s Clementine stands up to the hordes of walkers that came before it. Clementine is a poignant coming-of-age story that explores in multiple facets what survival means for the title character: as a teen with a prosthetic limb, as a human facing walkers, and as a leader among others.

Rogue Sun (Image Comics)

Okay so we did say this section would skip the super heroes but the latest installment in the Massive-Verse combines the crushing weight of family legacy with cosmic power and a dash of gothic horror. What’s not to love? From writer Ryan Parrott and artist Abel, Rogue Sun follows the equally excellent entries in Image’s shared universe, Radiant Black and Radiant Pink, to present a super-hero story with some real heat.

So, which titles are you reading and which are next up in your ever-growing TBR pile?

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